Monday, March 31, 2014

The Bug

We survived stomach virus 2014
 The 24 hour bug ran through our house a couple of weeks ago. It came in waves attaching me, Nick, and Tillman. Caroline and Graham managed to miss out on the fun!  It was interesting to see how Tillman reacted to the bug, since he had not been "sick" before. In fact, he didn't know what was going on.  Poor guy was so confused about it.  This is the first time he sat on the couch and didn't move. We watched Sprout for 6 hours straight (I was still napping / recovering while Nick was in the bed).

Enjoying the spring weather
Tillman started to feel better after about 8 hours. He felt better just in time to see the neighborhood get trash service.  We followed the garbage truck around the whole neighborhood watching the men at work. Tillman has "longed" to see our garbage truck, so there are pros to being since in his mind! 

Tillman has started a soccer clinic to learn the fundamentals of the game. He has soccer every Monday night. A lot of his classmates are in the class as well.  He does really well with kicking the ball. I think he is going to be a goalie, as he loves to touch the ball. The coaches have been great with his age group. 

Caroline is equally interested in soccer. I'm pretty sure she wants to be signed up when she is old enough.

Tillman's Teeth Trauma & Drama

I would like to request that all footy pajamas and those puffy socks with treads be band from store shelves! They are nothing but trouble when it comes to stairs; oh, and trying to walk for that matter! 
On Saturday, Tillman was climbing the steps, when all of sudden, I heard a thump and horrifying screams.  I rounded the corner, and all I see is a mouth full of blood. Tillman had hit his chin and bottom teeth on the edit of the steps. 
Mouths certainly do bleed....and for a long time too!  As soon as we got the blood under control, I checked out his teeth. 3 of the bottom teeth were loose.  I called Nick to come home, as he was getting ready to start his bike race.  One that he had been training for.  I hated to call, but life happens.  I also called the dentist office.  The dentist was super nice, and after asking a few questions, he thought it was best that Tillman be seen.  We were seen within an hour to get x-rays and an exam.
Getting Tillman out of the house and calmed down took about 1.5 hours after the incident happened. He was pretty shook-up to see all the blood, he was hurting, and I'm sure he feed off my reaction as well.  As you can tell by the picture above, he walked around with his chin out and would not swallow any spit, so he was drooling everywhere...we had to put a stop to that!
In the back ground of this happening, Caroline was having a "hay day" with spurts of crying in reaction to Tillman. She was in the pantry dumping out a full box of cereal and terrorizing the place in general!

Tillman was not a fan of the dentist when he went for a check up a few months back, so we were not sure how this visit would go since he refused to have xrays the last time. Dr Galloway was wonderful. He offered for Tillman to sit on daddy's lap for the whole thing. That set the tone for a wonderful visit. Dr. Galloway said that Tillman's teeth looked ok on the xray. No cracks were visible. He did say that we will have to keep an eye on them, as they could fall out and not reset themselves. If that is the case, then Tillman will be without his front, bottom teeth until the permanent one come in. He is to be on Advil every 6 hours for swelling and pain, and he is also on a soft diet for 2 weeks.  I'm pretty worried about the teeth. I hope they reset themselves, but if they don't we will adjust.
Last night, I asked Tillman if I could check his teeth and touch them like the doctor did.  He said "the doctor didn't touch my teeth." I said "yes, he did."  He said "no he didn't!  mommy, the doctor's mirror touched my teeth!"  He's a sassy thing...needless to say, I didn't get to check his teeth!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

18 Months 2.20.14

Caroline is very vocal for her age. She knows about 20 words and phrases now (I want to go, bye bye, car, dog, Elmo, milk, please, shoes, Amen, etc). It is amazing how much she mocks Tillman's actions. Tillman is a great supporter of Caroline. He praises her for going potty, eating well, saying new words, etc. It is amazing how much we can understand what she is saying. If we can, sometimes Tillman knows exactly what she is saying. One thing is for sure, she knows NO! With the talking, she does get very frustrated if we can't understand her. She often leads to hitting us, which leads to further frustration by all, as we are trying to teach her a lesson not to hit which she is trying to communicate. 

 She continues to do well with potty training at school, and we are starting to do some potty time with her at home. We are trying to make it routine when she wake to try to go potty. One morning this week she woke up dry, and went to the potty. Tillman praised her very well and gave her a treat. I think she enjoys his praises much more than what mommy and daddy can do. She seems ready for the potty. Caroline doesn't mind sitting there for a while. She really enjoys Tillman's seat since it has a race car button on it, so she is entertained by that!

 Miss Caroline is also a climber!  She tries to get on everything, and has even crawled out of her crib! She also enjoys kicking her shoes off.  As soon as she gets in a high chair or in the car, she is kicking them off. If you give her too much time, she will take off the socks too!

Her health has been good. She made it to her 18 month point where tubes will likely not be needed. Especially since she is going into the spring and summer months. She continues to have runny noses, but I just think that is part of being a daycare kid! 

 Caroline is in the 2 year old class and is starting to get asked to parties. She had her first visit to Little Gym and did very well. Tillman also got to come, so he was excited. She loved the bubbles, running around on the mats, and getting help with all of the bars.

 With learning new stuff, Tillman started soccer this month.  Caroline has actually been the one who has really enjoyed wearing the shin guards and kicking the ball around. I think she is going to be our soccer girl. Still unsure about Tillman with the sport, the first practice, he wanted to be on the opposite side of the field from the group.  Caroline was having a ball! (no pun intended)

 Caroline has grow 1 inch, gained 6 oz, and her head has remained the same. We think she is growing well, and certainly has a wonderful appetite. She receive one vaccination this time. I was nervous about her getting a shot at this appointment since I had Tillman with me, but she didn't even cry! I was shocked and so was the nurse. She took it like a champ and really acted as nothing was going on. She did have a huge knot on her leg for about a week, so unsure if that was normal or the reason it didn't hurt. Tillman again praised her for doing a wonderful job. I hope that will help him when he was to get shots at his next appointment.  All and all, Caroline is taking on 18 months like a champ!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Christmas 2013

Twas the night before getting on the road....
Driving to KY for Christmas...11hrs
Went to the Corvette Museum with Papaw
Cousin Mason showing T how to change a tire
All the cousins together
Arts and Crafts with Aunt Robyn
Caroline decided to do belly art
Snowman rice crispy treats
Much more fun to do art in your undies!
Caroline painting her snowman
All done says T T
Tillman thought that Santa loves sprinkles...
Trouble...Cell Phone and Credit Card
(and a mouth full of cookies!)
Tillman loves everything John Deere
Sea of gifts
Unwrapping...and unwrapping....
Missy in front of the tree
Back to the cell phone and purse
Biting on the head is so affectionate. 
Shaggy's bed must be the most comfy spot

Traveling back to SC with a pit stop
 at Ingles in the upstate
Edventure in Columbia, SC with cousins

Dress up in Snowville

Caroline showing the boys who is boss!
I'm pretty sure she is hitting in this shot.
This is all while we are trying to get a group shot.

Black Friday Find...

Our Black Friday Shoppers...House Shopping
The day before Thanksgiving, we had decided not to pursue a house we were to close on in 15 days. This home was in James Island, zoned to wonderful schools, 4 miles from my work....However, the cons out-weighted the good (believe it or not)!  The cons to the place just start at words like Wind and Hail Pool, Flood insurance, 1960s original structure, Mold....
Looking back, I'm SO GLAD we didn't pursue that home any further, however, if we wouldn't have pursued this home we wouldn't have found our dream home, as it went on the market the night before Thanksgiving!
Nick actually found the home. It wasn't even published on many sites yet. The Realtor didn't even know about it. Nick stressed to me not to disturb the Realtor on Thanksgiving, but late Thanksgiving night, I sent him a text about the house. He said that all systems were down, but he knew the agent of the home personally, and would call her to set up something.  We were schedule for a 9AM showing. Glad we didn't wait because there were 3 other showing that day!

We knew we had to act fast. We put in a full price offer (you know as frugal as I am...that hurt!).

Later that day, we were told we were in a multi-bid situation, and the other was a cash offer!  Yikes!  This is starting to get stressful!  We were asked to put in our best price bid, so we did just that.  Later we heard that they decided to work with us!

Things moved very fast and we closed on December 20th!  We hope this will be our forever home!

Here's the listing info:
A builder's vision went into every inch of this superbly crafted home in Carolina Bay's premiere community! Elevated with marsh views and a large, private backyard, this home has gorgeous curb appeal and a full front porch. The gracious foyer welcomes you with beautiful hardwood floors, which are found throughout the first story. Champagne and caviar may be appropriately served in the elegant dining room, with a tray ceiling, crown molding, wainscoting, plantation shutters, and a chair rail. Connecting the dining room to the kitchen is a Butler's pantry with Granite counters and glass front cabinets. The best of everything has gone into this stunning kitchen! Features include a large island with sink, granite counters, custom cabinets, 5 burner gas stove, built-in desk, warming drawer, tile back splash, SS Appliances, eat-in area, and a walk-in pantry. Open to the kitchen is the spacious family room, with a fireplace flanked by built-ins, large windows with Plantation shutters, and a ceiling fan. The first floor master bedroom is just fabulous! Awe-inspiring features including a tray ceiling, crown molding, plantation shutters, ceiling fan, walk-in closet, recessed lighting, private access to screened in porch, and a master bath that outshines the rest with double doors leading to custom cabinets, vanity with granite counters and double sinks, Whirlpool tub, ceramic tile shower, and a linen closet. Located on the first story as well, is a guest bedroom currently being used as a closet with custom built-ins, and a full bath with ceramic tile and granite counters. Enter a new dimension of convenience in your very own weight room/gym complete with full length mirrors and rubber floors! Upstairs you will find a nicely sized loft, three additional guest bedrooms with ceiling fans and walk-in closets, and two full bathrooms. The attention to detail throughout this home overshadows the competition. Restful scenes unfold daily in the large, fenced in backyard with marsh views. Relax and take it all in on the screened in porch w/ceiling fan, speakers, and a patio underneath. Top it all off with a separate laundry room, two-car garage with storage space, smart wiring for speakers, and an abundance of custom features throughout...and you have, simply put, "the perfect home". Come see the epitome of graceful living today!

Interior Details

3,094 sq. ft.

Exterior Details

0.26 acre
11,326 sq. ft.

Other Details

2 Story

Caroline's Growth and Health since becoming a 1 year old!

Practicing her line-dancing in brother's boots
Caroline , our squealer, chatterbox, and good-eater has done a lot of growing since her first birthday!  Her curly hair has turned completely blond and the curls come and go based on the weather!  Her eyes are still blue (mommy just loves that!), and she is the ticklish little thing you have ever seen!  
Waiting on the doctor for another Rocephin shot...
The weather hasn't been kind to her this fall.  She has struggled with ear infections and nasty viruses. She had to get a 3 series Rocephin shot in the fall.  She officially hates the pediatricians office.  She is ok in the waiting area, but when we get to the exam room, she really lets loose the tears in fear of another shot. We have been to the ENT twice.  The ENT doesn't think Caroline will need tubes. She does, however, have huge tonsils. Tonsils are rated 1-4, and she is a 3.  Those may cause her trouble in the future with infections. She gets that I had huge tonsils that were taken out as a teen.
Daddy's Mower....the kids climbing machine
Caroline has developed in so many ways since her 1st Birthday.  I think moving away from a bottle to a short time with a sippy cup, to now using a real cup at school.  Since her birthday she has moved up twice at school, and she is now in Ms. Rose's class.  This class gets to go outside, do extra activities (Gymercize), sit at a table to eat and play, introducing the potty, napping on a floor mat (no more cribs) and mommy and daddy don't have to put on booties anymore when we have to pick you up!!  We were trilled that she moved up since we were getting a report everyday at the other class that she was a "bitter!"  I guess she was bored, as her behavior has improved in this class!
Learning what the potty is all about
Caroline loves routine. She doesn't run to me when she is getting picked up.  She goes to the teacher, gets her paper, points at her coat for me to grab and put on her, and then she will go to the door and say "bye bye." Anything out of order will send her into a tail-spin! 
Her language has improved.  She catches on really fast. Tillman is even amazed when we hear here say words for the first time. Even though she can full enunciate the word, we know what she is trying to say...even short sentences. Some words and phrases: Thank you, See in this afternoon, Night night, Love you, oh and I'm sure I'm leaving a ton out!
Just in time for Valentine's Day, she knows how to kiss! So sweet, even if her kisses are slobbery and wet!
Out of school the Tues before Thanksgiving
Shopping at Publix and waiting on her Rx
Baby C continues to be a great eater!  She loves fruit cocktail (really, any fruit), squeeze packets of baby food, sweet potatoes, cereal, yogurt....really anything but tomatoes it seems!  She even likes meat.  If you have it in  your hand, she wants to try it!  She is also very good with a straw. This was a concept that took awhile for Tillman to grasp, but she has know how to do this before giving up her bottle.
Eating Daddy's bday cake and sweet potatoes
Since moving to our new house, Caroline has really gotten into pretending. She loves to play with the fake food, especially the ice cream cones. She puts them together and then enjoys "serving" them and pretending to snack on them. She also has begun playing with her baby dolls. She will hold them, love on them, and put them in the stroller to go for a ride.  She also loves to have a purse. She hangs it on the handle of the stroller and as she is moving she is saying "bye bye." Really anytime a coat or a purse is put on, she is really to go out the door!
Our sick Turkey on Thanksgiving
Caroline also enjoys talking on the phone!  When we call folks in the car, she is the first to wave, say "bye bye" and "Hi!" She has about 5 pretend cell phones and she enjoys those too. I think we are going to be in trouble when she is a teenager! Speaking of being in trouble...Miss Caroline can now climb out of her crib. She did it a couple of weeks ago.  She has put her leg up to get out since them but has fallen out again. I hope the first time scared her enough to keep her from doing it again, as it was a huge "thud" when she hit the floor.She seems to only try to get out of her bed when someone is in her room. If she is in there by herself, she generally entertains herself in the crib!
Head Circumference Chart
Growth and everything seem to be right on target. I don't think she is going to be extremely tall by any means. She already has my side of the family's long body and short legs!
Length Growth Chart
Caroline continues to be a blessing to our family. There is nothing sweeter than waking her up in the morning, and getting a hug!  Tillman loves her too, and he show it by singing Sweet Caroline to her often!
Weight Growth Chart
15 month stats