Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a long weekend for Easter.  Tillman's daycare was closed Good Friday, so we hung around the house and packed for our trip to Lexington.  We drove to Lexington (my home town) early Saturday morning, so that Tillman could attend the St. Peter's Easter Egg Hunt!  I went to this hunt as a child every year.  At the time (back in my day), it was hosted by the senior group.  I can remember getting a bag of candy, getting to choose which dyed egg I wanted to take home, and of course, hunting eggs on the church grounds!
Now-a-days it is hosted by the young adult group.  They had everything from coloring to the Easter Bunny visiting the kids.  I got to see everyone I used to go to church with and their children (we used to be "the children"). We had a lot of fun, and it certainly brought back a lot of memories from my childhood (I sure do miss Lexington!).  Although Tillman didn't get to meet the Easter Bunny (sorry kid, the line was too long!), he was pretty "tuckered out" regardless.  We spent the rest of Saturday relaxing and lounging at my parents' house.

Sunday, Easter, we headed to the Sunrise Service.  It started at 6:30 AM!  It was a rush to get there, but we made it!  The service started outside and then we processed in.  Tillman did real well!  After service, we ate breakfast at church, and then headed back to my parents house for another egg hunt.
Tillman's first Easter went pretty well! 

Hunt Reflections:
Next year, I hope he will be more "in to" the egg hunting.  I might have to set up a few egg hunts at the house for practice rounds, so he can learn the ropes!  When carrying him out to his hunt location, my heart was pounding (my competitiveness was coming out).  In my head I was strategizing.  At the same time, I'm thinking to myself  "Meredith, he's a baby...he's not going to hunt." 

As Nick and I discussed, my competitiveness comes out because I want to see him/Tillman succeed and do well.  Yes, it is only an egg hunt, but you should see the parents out there...its RUTHLESS!  There is one thing that we are going to TRY to do different from those ruthless parents, we're going to teach Tillman how to hunt on his own (with a little guidance of course).  Tillman will be far more successful if he learns to do it on his own.  If he get 5 eggs and the other child who has 3 adults helping gets 30, then I know and will be proud that he did it HIMSELF!  I'll slip him a 5 (dollar bill) when we get to the car (the usual prize for the most eggs)!  In this situation it is JUST an egg hunt, but I think that parents get so competitive and want their child to "win," but sometimes can loose sight of the child being independent and learning to succeed on their own.  Is it worth getting excited for your child if you wrote their A+ paper or hunted all the eggs yourself?
Funny the philosophical parenting topics that come out of a simple egg hunt!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

When's the Easter Bunny Coming?

Today, we've been waiting on the "bad" weather to come.  The news has been prepping us for it, so we were prepared to "bunker down" today and stay inside. 

However, it turned out to be a beautiful day at our house! 
I dressed up Tillman in his Easter best, and we headed outside for some photos this afternoon. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

7 months 4.12.11

Tillman "turned" seven months yesterday.  I sure wish I had better photography skills because these photos just can't capture his personality.  He's pretty startled by the flash, so most of his expression pictured are a result that. 

This month, he certainly has become more "mobile."  No he's not walk or crawling, but he is starting to bang his head more by just being a little "weeble wobble."  Sitting up has been the name of the game this month.  He has gone from leaning over his feet and "flinging" backwards to (now) sitting straight-backed and trying to keep himself upright.  I think he enjoys sitting up and "exploring" the world from this angle.  He love to grab for his toys.  Of course, we've been trying to challenge him by putting toys right outside of his reach which this determined little guy will get the toy and put straight in his mouth.  However, he generally does a face plant when grabbing. 

He is also working on rolling from his back to his stomach.  He gets on his side a lot, but doesn't know how to get his arms situated to make the move.  He has done it at least once because Sunday night he flipped himself right out of the swing (I know, I'm a bad parent for not strapping him in)....You know I have a story about that it goes.  Tillman was sleeping in his swing (swing wasn't on) and I heard him cry for 15 seconds...nothing big, but like he had a bad dream or something.  I went to check on him, and he wasn't there.  The swing was empty and it was barley moving.  I FREAKED OUT!  When I got close to the swing, I saw Tillman asleep on the floor!  He was in a sleep sack, so from afar, he looked like another blanket (thank God we keep blankets under the swing, so his fall was quit plush).  I picked the little guy up, and he was fast asleep!

Cute Chucky Thighs!
Tillman is also giving his two new teeth a work out!  He's eating food twice a day (soon to be three times). He's had squash, zucchini, mango, pears, green beans, apples, banana, carrots, avocado, oatmeal, rice cereal, and prunes so far.   I think he's going to try some cabbage next (read that on a blog that it was a safe food).

Diaper Size-2 (Little Snugglers)
Clothing Size-3-6 months (His Easter outfit is a 3 month)
Shoe Size- 1
Food-Momma milk and two meals (food) a day
Sleeping-through the night, in his crib, and transitioned to a sleep sack
Naps-usually only 30 minutes twice a day
Sounds-DaDa sound and jabbering like crazy
Play-floor play, grabbing for toys, playing in the high chair, tickling/giggling
New buddies-Graham
Things we're working on-exploring the sippy cup, rolling over, and crawl position
Things mommy's working on-baby proofing the house, strapping him into everything, hunting for new foods

Tillman's waiting for Graham to get in reach

Graham doesn't get too close
Since this post talks about swings, here's a picture of Tillman's crib at daycare.  He sleeps in his crib in the swing for his naps.  If it wasn't for this set up, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't nap at all.  However, Tillman is learning to nap without the swing as of this week!  Huge transition for Tiny T!

***blogger is giving me a headache...sorry for the picture placement.  Just can't seem to fix it.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Two Teeth Tillman

Tillman's two bottom teeth are fully in, and man, does it hurt if you get your finger caught in there!  He is very curious about "those hard things" in his mouth.  This teething boy put everything in his mouth.