Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Family Pictures

Sterling Pickett Photography

Wide Awake Park

Live Oak on Rantowles Creek
Only way to get T to smile

Calm waters at 8:30AM

Tillman's Radio Flyer Wagon

I leave you with a funny pic!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How can it be?

Thursday is the 1st day of September.  I can't believe in 13 days Tillman will be a 1 year old. The party planning has begun, the date has been set, the theme has been chosen, etc. The closer the time comes the more mixed my emotions are about our baby turning 1.  Yes, it is exciting that he is growing up, but on the same note...HE'S GROWING UP!

It was reported yesterday that he took 5 steps at daycare, and he has a nice bruise on his forehead to prove his efforts of taking steps (he smacked the coffee table while showing off while Skyping with MiMi).

Speaking of reports from daycare, the teachers never just come out and say "oh mom, he took 5 steps today." They never give reports on milestones unless I specifically ask.  It makes me wonder if they are reluctant to tell me since they may be seeing a milestone for the first time (before mom and dad). If I say, "have you guys seen him takes some steps? He was taking steps this weekend." They will gladly speak up and say "oh yeah, he walked from the refrigerator to the jumperoo after his nap today."  If I wouldn't have said a thing, would they have told me?  I know that we won't be there for everything, but I'd at least like a full (uncensored) report. I wouldn't be a MOM if I didn't say, I hate to miss those milestones/be there first hand with the video camera capturing everything the moment it first happens, but at the same time I'd also would hate to live in a tent, so I guess our situation won't change, and mommy and daddy will continue to work! As my maternal Grandfather used to say "children have their work to do too," and Tillman's job is to give those daycare ladies a run for their money!  After all, I'm sure by the time he hits first grade he will have a well boost immune system (we're currently on ear infection #3) and (hopefully) won't be that kid in the carpool line screaming since he's never been away from mommy/daddy. 

When Tillman goes into daycare, he knows the routine, and goes with open arms to his teachers.  In September, he will be moving to a new class, so interesting times to come with a new set of teachers and going from the oldest kiddo in the room to the youngest.

September will be a big month for sure!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Beep Beep & Sippy

Get out of the way walls, dogs and toes...
Here I come!
Tillman and his bumper car!

How's this supposed to work?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Friday, August 12, 2011

11 months 8.12.11

Tillman at 6AM ready for the day
This little one woke up today and was told he was 11 months old.  He didn't understand all of the clapping and carrying on, but mommy and daddy know that their little one is growing up.
Tillman is on the move these days.  He really doesn't even stop to smile at the camera.  In fact, he gets a little upset if you try to make him stay still.  He enjoys crawling around, banging on everything, and taking things out of cabinets and drawers (oh, can't forget his love for the trash can and Graham's food bowls too).
He is starting to learn his strength and tested it yesterday at the daycare with several of his "cronies." It was reported that he and two girls officially pushed over a rocking chair.  The teacher seemed aggravated about it so, I didn't ask (but wanted to) "did he clap when it went over?" 
Tillman is quite the clapper and waver these days.  He loves to wave hey and bye.  If he knows that Nick is in a room that we are approaching, Tillman gets that arm and hand moving before we enter the room.  He also loves to wave at the other parents and kiddos as they come and go at the daycare too.

Tillman has also started little temper tantrums in several instances.  He *hates* to get his diaper changed.  As soon as he is put on his back, he starts to cry, squirm, and flat out throws a fit sometimes.  He had a pretty severe diaper rash this month after taking a strong antibiotic due to another ear infection.  I think that has a lot to do with him hating diaper changes now.  Ironically this morning, him going on the changing table was the only smile I captured this morning (I think he was smiling because he found the opportunity to grab something and leap out of my arms).
His other temper tantrum mode is when you tell him "no;" he will lay his head down on the floor like he is tired. He was told "no" in the bath last night, and put his head down.  It didn't go over too well in water, so he found out.  It was a little scary for the both of us!
Tillman is in love with his diaper trash can. I don't know why, but he is always climbing up to the bag (the white poking out a bit in the photo), and BITING it (YUCK).  We did just get some Febreze trash bags; I'm thinking that might be what he enjoys?  Just kidding, I really think that the trash can is just his height, and he loves to climb up, tip it over, and see his reflection in it (oh yeah, and beat on it too).

Check me out in my man-tank!
Tiny T is also a fan of our bathroom drawers.  We've had to babyproof the bottom drawer make the bottom drawer Tillman's.  It has his toys and other things for him to dump out, chew, and play with while we get ready in the morning.  The little stinker also knows how to turn on the water in the tub, and enjoys turning it on and off...on and off...on and off (yes, we pick our's the cold water handle).

Tillman got a "stand up" toy this week.  Nick wanted to make sure we had a good crawler before we introduced him to any type of standing up or walking toy.  Well, this week I picked TT (Tiny T) up a walk behind toy from Once Upon a Child for $6!  He looked at the thing, crawled over, and knew exactly what to do.  I guess it was either walk behind it or fall.  Fortunately, he picked the walk option.

Morning Bottle
Afternoon Snack
Tillman's Stats
Weight: 19.8 lbs (weighted this weekend)
Diaper Size-3 (Little Movers)
Clothing Size-Anywhere from 6 mos to 18 mos (clothes vary so much between brands)
Shoe-bare-foot boy
Food-Only Momma milk up until 8/7/11. Now he gets 2 ounces of formula in each bottle and three meals a day-2 vegetables and 1 fruit (Nick has been doing some reading, so today he'll get some millet in his fruit jars). He currently only feeds himself RITZ crakers. 
Sleeping-through the night in his crib ( 7PM-6AM)
Teeth-4 on the top and 2 on the bottom (still grinding away with those teeth)
Naps-Generally only one nap at daycare and then naps on the way home. We try to get him down for 2 naps on the weekend. It is rough sometimes.

I tell you; the kid loves his bumper!
Play-pulling up, walking around furniture holding on, crawling on knees, free standing for few moments, wanting to step, but falls to his knees or grabs something really fast!
Things we're working on- finger foods (this is hard for me as I don't like messes, but we'll get dirty this weekend), sippy cup (equals a chew toy to TT now), holding his bottle (I think he thinks that is my permenet job)
Things mommy's working on-Tillman's 1st Birthday!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Baby's Got *His Blue Jeans On

Thinking about this post, it reminds me of the old country song, my baby's got her blue jeans on, although, with my baby it is *his!

Ironically, a year ago today I posted about the denim diapers that Huggies has.  Tillman has had this box waiting on him for a whole year that his great grandmother got him.  We finally opened it up for him to try out his new jean diapers! 

Here's Tillman strutting his stuff in his new blue jean diapers!

Huggies 2010 commercial