Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tillman's in Trouble

I remember when I was young, someone would do something bad, and the "good one" would reply "aaaaawooowooo, you going to be in toooouuuubbbbleeeeee......MOM!"

Well, Tillman has been getting into some trouble the past few weeks at daycare.  We have seen it at home as well and have tried to discipline him, but he continues his ways. First, it started with him throwing toys.  They did tell us that a few other kids were doing the same and that all of them were being put in time out, and we needed to work with him on this (I take all of these bad things he does personally, as I strive to be a good parent).
When he showed interest in balls, we (good parents) taught him how to THROW! The issue with that is he doesn't know the difference between a ball and other toys.  Big mistake to teach him to throw a ball, as everything is being thrown.  Just this morning, Nick put him in his car seat.  He was pretty mad about it, and Nick gave him one of his toys to play with for the ride.  He took the toy and threw it out of the door before Nick could get the door shut.  Man, it is frustrating to see his act this way!
Yesterday, Nick pick up Tillman and the teacher stated he had a bad day, and he was put in time out for hitting another kid over the head with a toy (yes, you heard that right...hitting a child over the head with a toy).  She put him in his crib for time out.  I'm sure he hated being in his crib and that is good, as he should feel disciplined.  Nick told her it was ok for her to hit his hand if she wanted to.  Unsure if daycare will let her do it. It's hard when we are not there to do something about it.  He won't remember if we try to talk to him about.....he doesn't even talk!
So....we struggle with how to handle him.  We have "stepped up" popping him on the hand and telling him no (yeah, yeah, getting on his level and telling him "NO" in his face...as all the "books" tell you to).
Nick suggested this morning that we have a "no no" rug or chair in our house.  So, the next time you visit, you might just see the "no no" area!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Christmas 2011

No family pic this year....
gifts started before daddy could get a shower.
I'm way behind on posting about Christmas 2011, but I'm (secretly) still listening to Christmas music, so I ok with it.  We spent Christmas with Nick's family.  We rotate sides of the family every year.  All of Nick's family gathered at Nick's sisters' house in Kentucky, which is about an 11 hour drive for us.  Nick's dad road with us, so at least we had company and an extra driver.  Tillman did very well considering the LONG drive, so we were impressed.  Thank goodness for McDonald's in-door playgrounds, gold fish and portable DVD players!
It was funny along the trip.  He didn't too much enjoy watching the DVD as he did playing with the player by pulling on the cord, closing it, and pushing all the buttons.  He did enjoy the music.  Tillman loves to dance and  shake to the beat.

Cranky T....this is around hour 5 of the drive home.
Tillman got to play with his older cousins and spent time with his Great-Grandmother, Mimi (Nick's mom), and his aunts and uncles (two of which he had met for the first time, Nick's Aunt Suzie and Uncle Bobby). Tillman really enjoyed playing with his older cousins Parker and Mason.  They chased him around the house, and Tillman loved it.  When going to bed each night and even for naps, he was worn out from all the excitement.

Tillman and Mason unwrapping gifts
Christmas morning was crazy.  There was barely a place to sit with all of the gifts around the living room.  In Nick's family, they go around the room and each person opens their gifts and everyone watches.  Tillman, being the youngest, went first.  He wasn't too interested in opening gifts after about two of them.  He was more interested in doing his "own thing," which consisted of eating his breakfast and walking the Swiffer mop around the house while everyone else opened gifts.  He was completely content, but wasn't into all the excitement around the tree.

We made it a very quick trip to KY.  We left Charleston on Friday and started our venture back home early Monday morning.  We were LOADED DOWN not so much with Christmas gifts but with hand-me-downs.  Tillman had a double Christmas, and Aunt Robyn and Uncle Brad had the chance to clean out toys and clothes their boys don't use anymore. We are so thankful that they held onto all of these items, it's a budget saver for us and Tillman just loves all the toys.  I think we have more toys at our house than the daycare.  Boy can a room get messy in a minute!

On the way back home, I pretty much sat Indian style because every inch of the Tahoe was full.  Tillman got a Power Wheels Jeep, basketball goal, lots of small toys, clothes, and we even came back with a kitchen table. Nick had to use his side mirrors for sure to get us home because there was no seeing out the back!

Tillman being silly with gold fish
crumbs on his face!

Oh yeah, we had melt downs too along the way.
This is what Tillman thinks of a 11 hour road trip!

Monday, January 16, 2012

16 months 1.12.12

Successful landing after going down the big slide
Tillman turned 16 months on Thursday.  The months are going by faster and faster they seem.  He is growing more and more independent, and at times he surprise me with what he'll try.  I feel he is very strong for his age and size (as they say... dynamite comes in small packages).  This morning, he drug a 6 foot tunnel (toy) from the living room all the way into the kitchen. He struggled to get it around the stairs and through the door way, but he did it.  His other favorite thing is to lift/carry this small waste basket (not yucky...we don't use it) around the house.  When he needs a rest he just sits it down and beats on it like a drum.
The one time with mommy
At 16 months, Tillman went to his first really birthday party.  Friends of ours' son, Carter, turned 1 this weekend and had his party at Monkey Joe's.  We had not been before, but glad we were introduced because Tillman had a BLAST (Nick did too)!  Tillman tried out all the slides and jump houses (with Nick in tow).  Surprisingly, all the other kids (most were older) were very patient with Tillman and would wait their turn although T could be slow at times trying to muster up courage to go down the big slide.  It was cute to watch him figure out how he was going to go down (sitting on his bottom or turning around to go down on his belly). When we left the party, we had on tired T.  We can't wait to go back, but next time, I'll be going in yoga pants!
Action shot
Tillman's medical update: Yes, this monthly update on T wouldn't be complete without the doctor report.  Tillman went to the doctor on Friday.  Originally it was to recheck his ears and get his 15 month vaccines.  Well, the daycare called on Friday and said he had a 101.2 temperature.  Nick and I just knew it was his ears.  We were so frustrated about it.  Well, good thing we are not doctors because Tillman's ears were fine (all clear...two doctors checked him out just to make sure), and he had a virus.  Seemed to be a 24 hour thing because he was great over the weekend, and it didn't slow him down.  Needless to say, he didn't receive his vaccines due to the fever, so we have to go back this week to get the shots.

Tillman trying to decide tummy or bottom
This Dare-Devil, 16 month old's stats
Weight: ~23lbs
Diaper size: 3-Little Movers during the day and size 4 at night
Clothing size: 12-18 month, but it varies by brand
Shoe size: 4.5 (or 12-18 mo size)
Food: Drinking whole milk and eating more table food. Drinking water and milk from a sippy cup during the day and gets bottle at night and early morning. His favorite foods are broccoli, gold fish, veggie sticks, Ritz, cauliflower, yogurt, apple sauce and if mommy and daddy are eating it, Tillman wants to try it (sometimes he enjoys it; other times he spits it out and Graham is right there to catch it).
Nap:1.5-2 hour nap around 11:30AM
Sounds: Chatter box...loves to talk! Just about everything is "da da" and "bye bye." He understands what you say to him but has not interest in talking back.
Gestures: Blowing kisses, waving, and every facial expression in the book (he doesn't have a poker face at all)
Playing: Walking, playing outside (begs to go outside), loves stairs, starting to learn to throw a basket ball (loves to be picked up to make the basket), and still loves electrical outlets and cords (oy vey!)
Toys: Tunnels, Scout (his Leap Frog pal), balls, play-tools, daddy's desk drawer, books, and the frig farm
Tummy slide

Monday, January 9, 2012

15 month check up

Tillman had his 15 month check up on 12.30.11.  He saw Dr. Clifford, and he said he was growing well.  BUT, the ears were (quoting him) "nasty."  Tillman had a runny nose, and we had a feeling he had another ear infection, and he did.  He ended up getting a shot of antibiotic and an oral, and we had to delay his 15 month vaccines.  Nick and I were concerned about his ears, so we contacted Dr. White (ENT) and he saw Tillman the following Tuesday to check on him.  He said that his ears were clear/getting better, which was good news.  We hope that Tillman's follow up appointment with Dr. Clifford to get his vaccines will show that Tillman has clear ears!!

15 month stats:
Weight: 23 lbs (25th percentile)
Height: 30 inches (14th percentile)
Head Circumference: 18 inches (11th percentile)
BMI: 18

Tillman has tons of TEETH!  He even has molars!  He has so many teeth now, I can't even tell you how many.  We are working on the tooth brush.  He enjoys chewing on his brush when we brush our teeth.  I don't know how clean they actually get, but at least he is getting into the routine of using the brush.
With all of those teeth, I know that he can handle more "complex" foods, but I must say, I am very nervous about feeding him something he could choke on.  We were at a party this weekend, and a child younger than him was eating a hot dog and grapes.  I was glad I got to talk with the mom and see the child do perfectly fine with these foods.  She told me how she cut the foods to avoid chocking, so needless to say, Tillman had grapes yesterday and did fine!

Tiny T doesn't talk in real words, but he certainly jabbers, squeals, and understands what is being said.  He now understands when you say "lets get a diaper change."  We know this because he starts to run.  He loves to run away and have you chase him.  Of course, he hates getting caught and of course, he hates getting his diaper changed!  He does perfectly fine with others, but Nick and I have to bolt him down during a scream/squirming match to get it changed.

Other cute things at 15 months: He'll occasionally blow a kiss, loves waving bye bye, and love being outside (in the dirt...of course).