Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Caroline's One Year Photos & Cake Smash

Getting warmed up
Cici made my outfit
Falling off the stool at the moment!
Tutus make everything fun!
Huge smile!
Huh...there's cake coming?
I love cake!
First bite!
Caroline's not sharing!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Caroline's 1st Birthday Party (a week of celebration)

Caroline had a week of celebration for her birthday.  It started of with a cake smash session with a local photographer.  Caroline was super active during the session.  Anything that wasn't bolted down, she was tasting, chewing, throwing, etc! This mommy got her work out that morning.
Smash Cake and her Caroline Cake
The weekend of Caroline's birthday we had a wedding for my cousin, Margaret. We headed to Lexington and did her party at CiCi and JRSs house that Sunday.  We had a small crowd of family and friends.  All the little ones helped Caroline blow out the candles and open gifts. 
All the kids singing to Caroline
Caroline was on the move for most of the party, so a little bit of help from the other little ones was much appreciated!  Tillman enjoys being Caroline's big brother, especially when that means CAKE!

Below are photos from her big week of her First Birthday.  The celebrations wrapped up on Seabrook at Pappaw's house.
Happy Birthday Caroline!

Cake Smash/dig...looks to be in a sugar daze!
In her Bday dress at the Margaret's luncheon.
Family photo op

After Daycare on 8.20.13
Celebration at Pappaw's house
Enjoying one of her Bday gifts...
convertible carseat! Pink of course!