Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mommy Necklace Take Two

November 10th was our 3rd anniversary, and Nick got me a few new additions to my mommy necklace!  He added "November colored" beads to represent our anniversary and his birthday!  Nick just celebrated his birthday on Black Friday (what a lucky guy!).

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving From My Bouncey Seat!

Happy Thanksgiving!  Tillman had his Thanksgiving meal on Tuesday night.  He took 5 ozs at his night feeding!  We were very impressed, but it didn't keep him from waking through the night! 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bed Time Routine

Since I have gone back to work, I have been trying to establish a bedtime routine for Tillman.  This is all in hopes that he will begin to understand it is time for his long sleep of the day (7 hours...please). 

Our bedtime routine so far includes, getting a bath, changing the lighting in his sleep area, swaddling, feeding and putting him down to sleep.  We start the routine around 7PM, and by 9PM, I hope I'm in bed.

These pictures were taken right after getting out of his bath.  He LOVES the bath.  The warmer the water the better.  The only time he gets fussy is when the water cools down.  It took me a while to figure out what was going on with him when he got fussy in the bath, but it is clear we need a bigger hot water tank in the future.  Tillman and I will be fighting over the hot water in a few years!

Monday, November 22, 2010

2 Month Check Up

Tillman had his two month appointment on November 16th.  This was his first time back at the doctor since we had to take him for weight checks a week after he was born (glad those stressful times are behind us).  At two months, they start passing out the shots!  Nick and I have gone back and forth on the vaccines and schedule.  Nick and I both did research, as our opinions were on opposite ends of the spectrum.  We opted for a compromise and chose to spread out the shots, but for Tillman to receive all vaccines. 

Tillman goes back in two weeks to get his two shots he skipped last Tuesday.  I am glad he only got two because he had a fever and all with just two.  I don't want to think how he would have been with four shots. 

Our poor little guy after shot one.

He had the same reaction to shot two...I would too!

Also at this appointment they get all of his stats too!
At Two Months, Tillman is
-22 inches long (13th percentile)
-10 lbs 13 ozs (22nd percentile)
-Temp reading 98
-Head size 14 1/2 inches (3rd percentile)

He takes around 3.5-4 oz at a feeding. The doctor said he could take more…like 5 oz, but we think he is content with less. So far, he has only received breast milk (Nick calls it "momma milk")! No formula!!! He has come a long way from leaving the hospital at 5 lbs 9oz. He is still on the small side, but I think he is just going to be small. He has been below the 50th percentile with height and weight since his first ultrasound.  I don’t feel he is small because he isn’t getting enough to eat.

At two month, Tillman loves his swing, taking baths, taking walks in the BabyBjorn, going to work with daddy and is "cooing" and smiling a lot (oh and loves watching ceiling fans and clocks)!  He still takes 2-3 hour naps during the day, and will sleep up to 7 hours at night (in his swing).  The doctor said we need to work on transitioning him to a still sleep setting, so we've been working on that.  Of course, he doesn't sleep as well, but only wake one time during the night. 

Nick and I at two months of being parents have also grown a lot too!  We've adjusted our own bedtimes (9PM for me), and take shifts during the night (I wake to pump and Nick cares for Tillman if I'm not already up).  We've learned that team work in the morning gets us all out the door on time.  Also we've learned that what works for Tillman is good for us, so we adjust to meet his happy point (road trips start at 6AM, only go out to eat when Tillman has a full tummy, we tote his swing everywhere, etc). 

Parenting has been very rewarding for us.  It has taught me a lot about my priorities in life.    Life is no longer at work; it is at home with family.  At work it has taught me to be extra efficient, get things done during work hours, and to not allow work to flow over to family time.  Often when I leave in the morning, Tillman is asleep, and when I return, he is asleep.  I miss not seeing him during the day, but the precious time at night we spend together is something I'm not willing to give up!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

First Road Trip on Tillman's 2 month "Birthday"

Tillman at Danielle's rehearsal dinner with Brian, friend from grad school

On Tillman's two month "birthday" (11/12/10), we took a 9 hour drive to Virginia for a wedding.  As many of you read while I was pregnant, we were invited to my friend, Danielle's, wedding (remember this post and this one too?).  We have been anticipating the trip for awhile, and we were so glad we got to go.  Everything worked out great!

Last Friday, we left the house at 5:45AM to hit the road.  Tillman does wonderful in the morning, so we know the sooner we got on the road the better.  Our first stop was South of the Border.  Nick was so curious about the place, so we decided to make that our 9AM stop.  This place is a DUMP, but it had gas (before hitting the price hike of NC), bathroom (yuck...flies...nasty), and a parking lot (full of creepy people), so we could get out and feed Tillman. 

Tillman for the most part during the drive slept, which was probably best for everyone.  We made it to our destination (YaYa Katy's house) at 3:15PM.  It was pretty good timing!

Tillman in Nick's lap at the rehearsal.
He was supposed to wear this outfit home from the hospital...totally too big! :-)

My mom is part of a group we call the "YaYa's."  This group is made up of 4 girlfriends she has had since childhood.  One of the YaYa's, Katy, lived 5 minutes from where Danielle got married.  We put "two and two together" over the summer when my mom was visiting Katy with the other YaYa's.  (As you read in the first post about the wedding, we didn't know how we were going to go to the wedding with Tillman and find a babysitter.)  YaYa Katy and husband Gene babysat Tillman while they watch the Carolina Gamecocks beat the Florida Gators.   

Sleepy T right before dinner started

Tillman got a good report card from his sub-grandparents for the weekend!  Besides him drinking down all the milk we had for him in the frig, he was a good boy while we were at the wedding!  He was eating every two hours while we were gone!  Tillman must have been growing.  Katy and Gene also got to witness Tillman's love for his swing.  Yes, people we travel with it!  Nick had no issue with dismantling it at 5AM to take it with us on the trip.  We know that Tillman would have major separation anxiety (= crying, not sleeping, mommy and daddy needing to drink heavily to cope with Tillman, etc) without it!  Like I have said before, we can't live without the swing!

On Saturday, we ventured out to meet up with one of Nick's childhood friends, Brad, who lives in DC.  We went to Clyde's in Reston.  Tillman wore this cute number to lunch!

I know it probably appears that my child has a pig nose,
but I really need to work on the angle that I take photos...I swear he doesn't.

We ventured back to Charleston on Sunday around 9:30AM.  The road trip back was HARD.  Tillman was more cranky, so we had to stop more (we found the key is getting on the road as early as possible).  We ended up getting back to Charleston around 8:00PM.  This road trip was good practice for the holidays.  We have another road trip to Ohio planned, and that one is a few hours longer. I am sure "T man" will do just fine on that one too!

Tillman slept great on Sunday night.  I think he was just as worn out from the trip as were we.  He probably wore us all out with his hysteric crying from I-95 to home! (no, he wasn't hungry, just doesn't like the dark!)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Baptism - October 24, 2010

Tillman was baptized at my home church in Lexington, SC on October 24th. 

Tillman and my sister's son, Lance, were baptized together, so that made it extra special.  Nick and I have struggled with finding a church in Charleston, but when we visit St. Peter's, it certainly feels like home!

Tillman did well during the service, and only "bellowed out" for 5 minutes during the actual Baptism.  We laughed and said that was the devil coming out of him!  Pastor Rawl who married us and confirmed me did Tillman's Baptism.  It was special to have him share in another special event in our lives!

Nick mom, Mimi, drove from Ohio for the special day, and Nick's dad, Pap Paw, drove from Charleston.

My parents, Cici and Jrs, hosted lunch for everyone at their house.  We had a nice spread!  This was great to visit with family, as it was the first time all my extended family had met Tillman!

After the service, a family friend, Mr. James, did family photos of the day.  Below are a sampling of the pictures. 

First family picture with the new additions! 

Three Generation

Thursday, November 18, 2010

3rd Anniversary + Dinner at Peninsula Grill = Tillman's 1st Babysitter

On November 6th, we went out for our Anniversary dinner.  My friend, Mary-Margaret, kept Tillman for us, so we could enjoy a date night!  As you can see by his photos, he just loved being with Mary-Margaret!  You should also note he is in his swing.  Man, does he love that thing (attention Mrs. Pregnants-this is must have baby item)! 

Our night was just perfect.....


until 2AM....

Let me preface this by saying-Nick has only seen me get sick 3 times since we have been married (twice while pregnant...so really only 1 time).  My November 6th meal at Peninsula Grill was the 3rd time (yes ladies, the "throw up" kind of sick).  I woke up at 11PM with a bad feeling and thinking this is not going to be a good night.  Boy was I right.  By 2AM my 5 star Peninsula Grill dinner was in the toilet. 

***Food poising or any kind of food that doesn't "agree" with me is of top concern because what I eat, Tillman eats.  I wasn't sure what to do after I got sick.  Was I to still breastfeed or "pump and dump?" I was concerned that Tillman was going to be the next to get sick. 

I feel the need to tell you about this because I called Peninsula Grill the next day.  I called in good spirit to tell them what happened, and I followed up my concern of getting sick with "I don't expect anything, just wanted to let you know."  Honestly I didn't expect anything just wanted them to check the goat cheese, so someone else didn't experience the same thing.  The Peninsula Grill  manager, Richard, was a first class JERK!  He informed me that all of their products are ordered fresh and there was nothing wrong with their food...basically saying I had a weak stomach or something...  Regardless if that was the case of a weak stomach or not, I've eaten my fair share of McDonald's food, and it has never made me sick, so the "fresh" ingredients at Peninsula Grill sure shouldn't!

He ended the conversation with not "I'm sorry.  Thank you for letting us know, I will make sure to look over our stock."  BUT with, "If you ever want to dine at Peninsula Grill again, I can assist you with reservations!"  (We didn't have trouble getting reservations the day of, so I don't think we'll have trouble getting them in the future...no, we won't be back.)  I didn't say anything to him after the reservation comment, as it wasn't worth my time. 

So, if you are wondering about the Peninsula Grill, I personally think it is the worst restaurant in Charleston!  As we were eating our meal (before getting sick), we didn't think their steak was as good as Oak and Grill 225.  Not sure what all the hype is about over Peninsula Grill, but save your money and go to Oak or Grill 225.

Oh, and for those wondering if the 3rd time getting "icky" sick was from me being pregnant again, the answer is no!  But, Nick and I both laughed about the possibility.  Tillman and that child would be in the same grade in school....weird!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dear Yoga Pants

Thank you for being so forgiving over the past 8 weeks (oh yes, can't forget the 9 months either). I needed you to stretch (possibly beyond your limits), and you did. I must say, you didn't look all that bad either, and even helped out my "arse" (and thighs) a little. For that, I say thank you!

I have come to appreciate you as I prepare for work, and you will become night and weekend friend in the future. As your working counterpart, the dreaded work clothes, are not as forgiving and simply don't stretch (oh, and can't be worn because most can't even be buttoned)!

We'll be spending lots of time together over the next few months, as I work to get this weight off (15-20 lbs). I don't think we'll only be doing walking; we going to have to step it up a notch...riding the bike and possibly running (if I remember how to do that).

I heart you, yoga pants,
Mrs. Pregnant in the Lowcoutry 
opps...I mean, Mrs. Lowcountry Momma

PS Breastfeeding doesn't magically melt off the weight...in my experience at least!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tillman's Walking Attire

Since our dog, Graham, gets walked about 5 times a day (he more so walks us), Tillman is often along for the walk.  The weather is getting cooler, so he's been wearing some hats.  Tillman loves to be toted in the BabyBjorn, and we are really enjoying it too.  It is wonderful to have him close and be hands free at the same time.  Often, Tillman will fall asleep on the walk.  We swaddle him and then place him in the BabyBjorn or if we want to keep him up and active, we pull his legs through and let them dangle. 
I would consider the BabyBjorn a must have baby item.

In the photos, Tillman is sporting his cousin's hand-me-downs (Thanks Auntie Robyn!). 

He is wearing a baby gown. We love the hand covers...especially on cold walks.  Helps keep his "digits" warm!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Formula Coupons


Need Gerber Good Start formula coupons? I have $23 worth.

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