Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2 months 10.20.12

Miss Caroline was two months on Saturday. She went to the Pumpkin Patch to "celebrate."  Today, we went for her two month check up at the doctor.  All was good.  She is continuing to grow and everything looked good.  Caroline does at a snotty nose, but the doctor said she was fine and that it was just a small cold. He mentioned that she will pick up lots of kid germs here in the next couple of months, but when she is Tillman's age, she will likely not get sick much since she has been exposed to so much so early (by having a sibling).

Waiting on the doctor
Her head control has really improved over the past month.  She doesn't do much tummy time, but when I hold her over my shoulder, she is looking around and taking in the view.  Miss Caroline loves to be held.  She knows when you put her down.  It has been difficult to get things done around the house with her being like this, but I must admit I love that she loves her mommy!  I enjoy holding her and cuddling.  Tillman wasn't / isn't much of a cuddlier, but Miss Caroline loves to snuggle.

Afternoon nap
She continues to breastfeed, and we have had to supplement with formula here and there.  I think when I go back to work, I will likely have to supplement more.  At the beginning of the month, I got mastitis, which really hurt my milk production, but we are trying hard to gain it back/maintain it.  I'm on 20 pills/herbs a day trying to keep everything going. 

First smile mom caught on camera
At the doctor's visit, I, of course, had my list of questions. One was about a dry cough.  His thinking is she has reflux, but not enough to do anything about it. He asked if she spits up.  She does occasionally, but I guess I should have said yes, because she spit up on me today so much that we both had to change our clothes and get a bath!  I guess she got me back for the 3 shots she got today!  She was ok with one, but once the second shot went in the leg, she was screaming!

Waiting on SHOTS! (mom's list of questions for MD on table)
Shot one!
Shot two and three!
Caroline's hair is what folks notice about her first.  I have people stop me in the store to look at it.  She has thick curly hair!  I just love it.  We can put bows in it. I sure hope she keeps her curls and her blue eyes.  They are just too cute!
On the way to the park..
.look at my curls and blue eyes!
I'm so glad that I have taken 12 weeks off of work to enjoy Caroline. This has been wonderful maternity leave.  I wouldn't trade this time with her for the world.  We have been getting out the house and enjoying lunch with friends, doing a little shopping, and just hanging around the house waiting for the boys to come home!  She has been sleeping through the night which has helped everyone stay on schedule.  She has been a real joy.  As the doctor told me today, when you have a good baby, it makes you want to have another one!  However, I found out the daycare payment for two, and I must say that is wonderful birth control for now!

Curly top
Caroline's Two Month Stats:
Weight- 10lbs 8oz (25th percentile)
Height- 23 inches (70th percentile)
Head Circumference- 15 inches (41st percentile)
BMI- 14
Grinning Girl

25 months 10.12.12

Tillman loves the "mow mow"...
even tells it night night!
Tillman moved up to the official potty training class this month.  We hear he "fights" with one of the girls in the class to use the pink potty.  Tillman doesn't know his colors yet, but she must. I checked this potty out, and I can see why it is popular.  It has a lid, fold up seat, and the works.  All it needs is plumbing.  We have to bring "Pull Ups" to school now, so time is of the essences for Tillman to be full potty trained (those diapers are expensive). He does really well with potty training at school, but at home, not so great!  It also doesn't help that he is on an antibiotic right now, and you know what those do to the tummy....
Tillman eating with his class-pancakes in a bowl...
breakfast of champs!
Tillman is working on his colors too.  He thinks everything is YELLOW ("L Low"). I think it is more that he like to say yellow than he really thinks everything is yellow.  We are working hard on colors right now.  I think he knows how to say red, green, and blue...oh and yellow, but those colors he is just not interested in learning right now.  We are working hard. I feel like we name the color of everything before saying the object, but he only repeat the object name (We'll say "blue truck" and he'll reply "truck...ugh!)
T loves to vacuum too! Wonder how long that will last.
 I let him play with this for an hour...he did a good job!
Any time we can combin cleaning and play, it's a plus!
He has started saying "I love  you," good morning ("mornin'"), Amen, trailer (because the mow mow rides on it), cartoons ("Ka-toons") and he has learn pumpkin ("pu kin")!  He is learning all kinds of words now...it is hard to keep up.
At the farm looking at all the animals!
At school he is also eating in the cafeteria.  This is a big step since he is sitting at the big kid table. I was amazed to see him sit down and not run around like a crazy kid.  He is very calm mannered at school, but at home, he is all over the place.  His classroom has learning centers and they have a set schedule for the day.  There is still lots of play, but now they have structured learn time.
At the park...already too cool to smile for mom!
Tillman continues to struggle with his sinus/allergies.  He has been to the doctor twice since Caroline was born.  We've scheduled an ENT appointment to get him checked out by a specialist.  His ears are clear, so the ear tubes are working well.  He continues to have a "snotty nose" that doesn't really go away...ever!  When we took him to the doctor this past time, Tillman weighed 26.5 lbs!
Tillman is also starting to love certain toys and characters.  We are just now noticing this with him.  He is going to start writing a Christmas and birthday list soon.  Tillman LOVES Elmo and Ernie, and Choo Choos (Thomas the Train). He also loves to play with trains and trucks.  He is also starting to like picking out his clothes too.  Today he is wearing Elmo, and he went into school showing everyone his Elmo on his pants.  He'll wear trains tomorrow!

We thought the sleep sack would never go away, but I think it is being phased out.  He has been wiggling out of the neck of them.  He has busted the zipper on one.  Tillman sometimes request to be put in it, and other times he goes to bed in just his clothes.  Crazy how he is breaking himself of his own habit.  We tried to put him to bed in the past without it on, but he would wake up crying.  I guess he was teaching us he would do it on his own time!

Tillman and his buddy, Cole

Another BIG thing for us is we are starting to go out to eat more with him.  It doesn't always turn out to be blissful, but we are getting out more.  It does make it easier to go with others who have children.  When we go just the four of us, we have time to see other staring at us and wondering if we are going to control our kids (mostly those people who don't have children). When we go with other, we have so much chaos going on at our own table, we don't have time to look around!  We've gone out with another family from the daycare twice, and I'm glad we did as it makes me more confident to take the kids to places....we can't sit at home until they are teenagers before we take them out...my cooking isn't that good!

T with the pumpkin trailer!