Tuesday, March 26, 2013

7 months 3.20.13

Cheese...see my two teeth?
If I had to sum Caroline's 7th month into one sentence it would be-  7 months for Caroline brings pulling up, developing preferences for foods, and lots a squealing!

Caroline is pulling up with no help.  She first mastered it at daycare.  Caroline pulled up on the exersauser. The teachers said she was pretty determined. As soon as she got up, they were surprised and so was she, as she plopped right back down on the floor.  When playing with her, all she wants you to do is hold out your fingers, so she can stand.  She gets the biggest grin on her face when she is standing.
Sitting up is also a breeze. Bath time is so much fun for her now. She loves to splash in the water and could play in the tub for hours.  Tillman and her both take after me. There is nothing much better than a bath! She is very coordinated with sitting up. She can go from sitting up to a crawl position.  Still no movement with the knees, but she walks her hands out, and scoots on her belly.  She is quite mobile on her belly. Nothing much stops her, and she does a pretty good job with keeping up with Tillman.
Love those blue eyes!
One thing is for sure, Caroline doesn't like all vegetables... especially squash and green beans!  She starts gagging every time she eats these two items. While it isn't funny that she is gagging, it is pretty funny that she knows what she likes and doesn't like.  She is always to open her mouth for anything, but when she gets one taste, you know if she will like it or not by her reactions. She does very well with all fruits. I can't blame her, I'd pick fruits/sweets over veges any day! She's had pears, bananas, apples, peaches, green beans, squash, some meat dinner (didn't like that either), and peas. Oh, she even had some grits one morning.  We sure have to make sure she is a G.R.I.T.S (girl raised in the south!).
Loves the bath!
Caroline is still sporting her "toe curling" squeals everywhere she goes!  She will look at you so serious and barely open her mouth, and it is the highest pitched sound you've ever heard!  I just can't believe such a little thing can let out such a loud sound!  She does it very often, but if you are not paying her very much attention, she will do it until you pick her up!
Check out my curls!
From "toe curling" to "hair curling," Caroline's hair still styling the ringlet curls.  Although, her hair is starting to get really long, so the curls tend to pull out.  However, a little bit of humidity or a dab of water will bring them right back. If he curls were not there, she would have already had to go for a hair cut, as her hair is down to her mouth in the front. We're starting to use more bows in her hair.  This has been fun.  One of the daycare teachers bought her one and surprised me when I picked her up one day.  They say that bows often get pulled out by the child or another child comes along and swipes it!

Health wise, Caroline continues with her snotty nose.  I think the whole nursery has it. She doesn't know much different, so it doesn't seem to bother her.  She does, however, hate to get her nose wipes, and especially hates the NoseFrida Snot Sucker!  Although she doesn't like it, it is a blessing to have and we use it all the time to help clear her out.
Mom...I'm trying to take a bath...
lay off the camera.
In stat news, she is in 3-6 month clothing. The 6 month bodysuits fit well, but the pants are too long.  I think she is going to have the same shape as her mommy and brother-short legs and a long body. She continues to drink mommy milk 5 times a day, gets rice cereal for one meal, and then vegetable or fruit for another meal. Still just has two teeth in the front.  There are white places in her gums, so more should arrive soon.  She is still in 3 mo Robeez. Those little shoes help keep her socks on.  Not really stat related, but noteworthy, she has the softest skin I've ever felt.  I just love snuggling with that chica!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

St Patty's Day 3.17.13

On St Patrick's day we went to the Charleston Trials at Stono Ferry.  Back in the neighborhood they have a race track. We've lived near it all these years and have never gone to a race.  This was the inaugural running of the Charleston Trials. They have two races at Stono Ferry.  The Charleston Cup is the big race held in November. I hope we can go back for that race this year too! 
Green was the theme for the race.  We didn't want to get pinched, so we all sported green to the race. Papaw and Suzanne went with us, and we tail-gated and watched the horse races. It was a pretty day-Sunny at 75!
Caroline had multiple outfits for the race, as she had a major diaper not long after we got there, so the dress lasted an hour.  She was very "happy go lucky" the entire day.  The poor thing couldn't get a nap in. As soon as she would get comfortable, the bugle player would begin playing, and she was wide awake. It just so happened that our parking space was right by one of the loud speakers.

Tillman was at the race, but he was more entertained by playing in the truck.  He was climbing over the seats, plundering in all of his daddy's things, and driving the truck....yes, he did find the horn!  He even found a permanet marker, but thank goodness he was only coloring on a business card and not the seats!  I can't believe that he was literally entertained for 6 hours in a confined space like that.  Not to mention the car was pretty warm, but it didn't bother him at all.  I was glad that he was in one location, and we were not chasing him around!

The tailgaters beside us said our kiddos were so good! I think they were nervous at first when they pulled up beside us. It is kind of like getting to your seat on a plane just to find that you are right next to a toddler or baby! :-)

We didn't even make it out of Stono Ferry before Caroline was fast asleep! Everyone took a nap when we got home.  Being out and about in "Sun and Fun" makes for a great Sunday afternoon nap!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

30 months 3.12.13

Cruising in Daddy's Truck
When I think of 30 months, all I can think of is that is how I got Tillman to brush his teeth this weekend.  I counted to 30 while I brushed, and that kept him entertained long enough for me to get those teeth scrubbed! He can also count to 30 now.  It is hit or miss, but it makes me feel good to know he is learning things at school and his knowledge is growing.
Trying on his Easter Bow Tie from Aunt Robyn
The one thing I can note about Tillman this month is he is very agile. I've noticed this especially since the weather has been warm. The park has been our second home on the weekends (I think we've gone for the past 3 weekends).Tillman isn't scared of the big, tall ladders.  He is small, so some of the steps are far between one another, but Tillman monkeys on up them with no issue (most of the time).  If he fall off, he learns from it.  I really only takes him once to be shown, and then he has it.  It is funny to watch the "big kids" say "hey little boy, you are too little for that."  The big kids often help him along on the equipment, cheer him on and play with him. It is impressive to see how nice kids can be and have wonderful hearts.  They take Tillman by the hand to lead him through the tunnel.  Why can't adults be this way to one another...what happens to us as we grow?
Only in Hollywood!
While he is agile when it come to playground equipment, he isn't however agile with his Hot Wheels Jeep or the Radio Flyer Wagon!  I have a red mark on my bumper to prove it!  Tillman tried to get the wagon out of the garage and left his "tracks" on the side of my car!  When I saw the wagon had made it out of the garage, I went to check on my car. Sure enough, the damage was done.  The Hot Wheels Jeep is going to take a lot of practice too.  He will drive that thing straight into a tree going full speed. Once he hits the tree, car, or another object, he continues to press the gas and the wheels just spin.  You have to constantly direct him on how to handle the Jeep.  He certainly doesn't have his license yet.
Who's walking who?
Have a pool has really hindered us from letting Tillman play freely in the backyard. Since we had the pool cover on, he has been able to play freely in the back fence while we watch from the kitchen window.  He loves to play independently  It is funny to sneak up on him and listen.  He is often singing songs, counting, or talking to himself.  I know that imagination is running wild. We think it is super important to let "boys be boys" and play without close supervision. We feel it helps him be more independent and helps his imagination.  With that came a few scares-him getting out of the fence (scary because we live on a major highway). Like with our house, the backyard needs child proofing too.  Now all the gates have been kid tested and NOW mother approved (locked/rigged).
Mommy, I pooped...nice!
The first time he got out was when Nick was on a bike ride. Tillman had his bike outside, and he wanted out the fence and was "looking for daddy."  We had a serious talking after that one. He had made it half way around our house before I located him (we live on 6 acres). The second time I saw the gate open, I panicked again.  I walked everywhere calling his name and looking frantically.  I came back into the gate and yelled his name. He was over in the corner and said "hey mommy!"  He didn't go out the gate but had pushed it open.  This panic struck mom said "when I call your name; you answer.  Do you hear me?" He responds "mommy, I want some apple juice." True boy-in one ear and out the other!
Climbing up the slide..of course!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Go Mommy Go Mommy Go!

Our little Rocker! Messy hair and all!
(yes, she has a string wrapped around her...
she got tangled with a balloon...
probably a child safety hazard, but I was watching her.

Go Mommy Go Mommy Go! Is what they were chanting at daycare yesterday. Caroline is fondly know by the ladies as Mommy.  I asked how she got that nick name, and they said that is what they have always called little girls. She said her mom, her grand mom, and now she calls all little girls "Mommy."  I was excited because I thought maybe...just maybe..."Mommy" would be Caroline's first word (however, she's babbling Da Da)!
I'm up on the knees...now what?
"Go Mommy Go Mommy Go" chant got started when she rocks back and forth on her knees.  The ladies at the daycare were encouraging her to get on the move!  I love how they "love" Caroline. It is comforting to know they truly care for her everyday. I enjoy hearing about the day they had.

Taking a break...
This girl is getting close to crawling!  Time is going by way too fast. She gets her best traction on our bed. This is where I saw her do it first. But now, she has gotten it down on the hard floor.  He little outfits have been scrubbing the floors.  I'm embarrassed to say her poor outfits look like a dust rag after she gets up.  I promise we clean...just not enough based on the looks of her outfits.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Ohio Trip Feb 2013

Tillman stretching his legs at the gas station
We began our adventure to Ohio at 8:30pm on Friday 2.15.13. We decided to drive through the night to make it easier on the kids. It is an 11-12 hour ride, so that is a lot to expect from a 2 year old and a 6 month old!  We were making the trip for several reasons-Nick had a board meeting with Aileron , Mimi bought a new house, and Caroline hadn't met her great-grandmother! Whole lot of good reason.
Caroline finally out of her car seat after 12 hours!
Caroline slept the entire way up...from driveway to driveway.  Tillman slept off and on. Every time we stopped he was up. It didn't seem to effect him too much.  Nick listened to books on tape to keep him occupied in the driver's seat.  I traded places between the front and back seat entertain kids and driver.  I also got some sleep along the way!
Playing with his cousins at the Air Force Museum
On Saturday, Nick's sister, Robyn, and her boys, Mason and Parker, came up to Ohio as well. Nick and I took the boys to the Air Force Museum to see all the planes.  The place is massive.  We didn't get through the entire museum.  We'll have to go back another time.  Tillman did very well walking around the place.
Houston we have a problem...
a two year old is in space!
Caroline stayed with Mimi and Robyn at the house. They were unpacking boxes trying to get Mimi settled into her home. Caroline was watching them do all of this in her car seat.  The little wiggle worm made it out of her car seat. She had fun with the girls.
Tillman with the Air Force Security Police Monument 
Nick could have stayed at the museum all day long. He has fond memories of when he and his grandfather went there, so I'm sure it was fun for him to show the boys the place.
Sacked out after the museum 
Tillman really enjoys playing with his cousins. As you can see, they look like the three amigos in the back!

We saw Nick's grandmother before Robyn's family headed back home. The picture above is of 4 of 12 great grandchildren. I think our children are really blessed to be able to have met their Great Grandmother. There are not many who get that opportunity. Caroline slept most of the visit, but as you can see above, it was Tillman's nap time, so he was having a "moment."

We also saw a few family members from Nick's dad's side of the family!  They own a shoe repair business and we stopped by the shop.
Tillman got his height marked on the wall
with some of the other cousins
They got to meet Caroline for the first time, and Tillman got a tour of the shop by Nick.  Nick's dad used to be in the shoe repair business, as well as Nick's grand father.  This has been in the family for years. 

On Tuesday, we went shopping with Mimi while Nick was at his meeting all day.  Tillman got his hair cut too! He really enjoys to get his hair cut. He is very good sitting there.

Nick's hometown favorite 
Before hitting the road at 9PM, we stopped by Jim's Donuts and got a few for the road. Tillman got his very own. Later that night, we stopped at a gas station, and Tillman was crying for donuts. Nick went back in to get him some. 5 minutes after eating one of them, he told me his tummy hurt.  Well, he barfed! No. More. 3AM. Donuts! We pulled off the interest in Nowhere, TN to clean him up, change clothes, and clean the seats. Wow!

We got back in town right when the day care was opening, so the kiddos went to school and Nick and I went home to unpack and SLEEP! It was a rough drive back, but we're glad we made the trip.

6 Month Well Check Up

We went for Caroline's 6 month visit to the doctor on 2.22.13. Of course, I had my list of questions.  She had been shaking her head.  I wasn't sure if it was an ear infection or if she just had figured out how to do it.  We'll her left ear was infected.  I won't say that I was happy to hear this, but I am glad after going to the doctor since November for cold, fever, etc she finally got an antibiotic! A few days after the antibiotic, we haven't seen her shake her head since!
I was also curious about the flu shot and if it was worth giving since we're at the end of the season. They recommended since it was still going around.  She'll have to go back in a month to get the second shot.
At this visit I asked ton a food questions. They released her to eat any type of baby food, but told me to wait on any type of food that she has to pick up.  The doctor thought she didn't have the hand grasp skills to pick those up, so we'll wait on that.
The doctor was impressed with her sitting up. She asked if she was doing certain things like cooing, so all of that seems to be on track.

We talked about Miss Caroline for half the visit, but the other half was discussing church. It is funny where you are and who you come in to contact with at various points. She joined St Matthews when we did. After many changes at the church after a year of being a members, both of our families haven't been back. I've often thought about going back. I want my kiddos to grow up in a church like I did. I enjoy taking them to my home church, but just wish we could find one in Charleston that suited.
She mentioned that she was attending a Lutheran Church in West Ashley. We had visited this one before Tillman was born. We liked the church just not the preacher.  Well, just so has it that they got a new preacher. She has been going for 6 weeks. I think we are going to have to pack the family up to see if this would be an option for us. The Lord does work in mysterious ways!

Caroline's 6 month Stats
Weight- 15 lbs and 14 oz (40th percentile)
Height- 24 1/4 inches (65th percentile)
Head Circumference-17 inches (76th percentile)
Clothing-6 months
Diapers- size 2
Shoes/Socks-3-6 mo

2.20.13 6 months

Bath time fun!
Stop growing Baby Caroline!  I can't believe she is 6 months.  Caroline is honestly one of the most content children I've ever been around.  She is a "go with the flow" type gal.  She will sit through dinner out-to-eat in her car seat and simply looks around.  She doesn't have to be entertained. My family was in town, and we went to Summerville to watch my nephew's basket ball game.  We headed out to eat at Perfectly Franks.  She literally sat in her seat for an hour. She just watched us eat, played with her car seat toys, and coo'd. She is a very different child from Tillman. He knew the minute the car seat hit the chair.  
Often Caroline prefers to be put on the floor and just watch us in action-cooking dinner, watching Tillman play or catching the TV.  Graham seems to "like" her a little more too.  He will come over to her to smell her a lot.  He's probably buttering up to her because he knows she'll be dropping scraps soon.
I love those cheeks! 
It may seem like I'm a broken record, but it doesn't matter where we go, we are constantly getting double takes, people stopping us, etc over Caroline's curly hair.  We got stopped 3 times in the grocery store yesterday. One man touched her hair to make sure it was real (really?). He told us to keep having babies because she was too cute! Another man was pointing at her and trying to get his wife to look because he couldn't believe that baby had curly hair.  A lady just went on and on about that hair.  For a minute, I'm thinking, why are these people looking at us...and then I think to myself "it's the hair!"
Her first taste of food!
Caroline has slowed on the drinking lately since she started food!  We did rice cereal first, and then went straight to food.  Breast-milk breaks down the rice cereal too much, so we've been adding it to her bottle.  I know, it is a big "no no" to do that, but if you could just see it just breaks down to liquid after 5 minutes (not like adding it to formulas...the daycare ladies back me up on this). Food-wise she has had bananas, apples, carrots and green beans so far. She really seems to like the carrots. Right now she is eating 1/2 to a full jar once a day. Her system is getting adjusted to the food.  Poor thing has a serious raw behind right now!

Holding her own bottle-pinkie up of course!
Caroline is not only content but very independent. I guess that comes with the second child. She is already knows how to hold her bottle.  She gets a lot of time to be independent with us juggling two kiddos. It seems like she has the attitude of "give it to me, I'll do it myself!" She also tries to help feed herself-constantly grabbing at the spoon. Miss Independent also rolls around the floor to get toys she wants.  Nothing much stops her.  She does push herself too far, which results in a head crash on the floor. She normally doesn't cry for too long. She just wants to be held, assured she is alright, and then she is back at it!
My Valentine watching
Cousin Colin play basketball!
Caroline has picked up a few tricks this month.  She can role over both ways, sit up independently, and is even rocking on her knees to crawl!  I saw her get in the crawl position yesterday, and I was yelling at Nick to come and see her.  Nick said "yeah, I know, I taught her that yesterday??"  :-) She enjoyed tummy time at a young age, and I really think that contributes to her progressing very fast.  She is also an August baby meaning she will be the youngest...always. It makes me feel good that she is doing things fast because she has to keep up with the older kids!
Valentine's Day Fun!
Caroline and the pacy don't have too much of a relationship. I was so worried about giving it to her, but really she isn't interested at all in the thing now (thank goodness). She uses it more as a toy. As soon as she sucks it long enough to know she isn't getting anything from it, it becomes a toy! She's probably thinking "you can't fool me, lady!"
Grocery Shopping
Caroline has made a little friend in her granddaddy, JRS.  JRS loves his grandchildren, but isn't much for tiny ones or unpredictable ones.  I have to say, I tend to agree with him.  Caroline seems to have stole his heart a little. He held her for me when we were at the basketball game and he strolled her around Charleston as CiCi shopped for shoes. Caroline was really good for him. If she got fussy, JRS gave her the bottle, and she was just fine with that!
Sitting up
I think Caroline has transitioned to her crib and is sleeping through the night (hope I didn't just jinx it)! It was rough there for a few weeks. I was climbing the steps to feed her and sleeping in her room.  I decided, we couldn't do that anymore after missing a day of work to catch up on sleep. So, we let her cry it out!  One night she cried from 3A-5A. The daycare loved that, as she slept all morning for them. The next night, she slept through the night. She did wake a week later, and Nick went and got her after an hour. She had kicked off her socks, and I think that is what caused the fit. I've been dressing her in footy type outfits, as those keep the peace! She kicks off every pair of socks just like Tillman. There was one pair of socks that we had for Tillman. I went hunting for those to see if they would work for her. They did, so she wears those boy socks most of the time to keep her tootsies warm!

Two Teeth-yes, they are sharp!
Caroline's two bottom teeth are fully in. She has clamped down on me a few times while feeding, and I can tell you those things are sharp! She has a bit of confusion about biting vs sucking when she gets upset. There are few things more painful that an infant clamping down while feeding!

I do feel so blessed to have a baby girl. She has really brightened our family and made it complete (not saying we don't want more...actually she makes us want more since she is so good). There is nothing much sweeter than her smile!

29 months 2.12.13

Always behind these days, 1/2 a month late on this post! This blog/baby book is getting tough to keep up to date!

29 months was the month of play dates and fun on the weekends!  We were in town most weekends, so we enjoyed home.  Tillman took his first visit to Bee City near Cottageville, SC.  He wasn't too much into the animals but loved the train they had onsite.  This was the first time that I ventured out with both kiddos alone for an activity of such. Tillman was good, and he even sat down for lunch.  Most of the time, out to eat is out of the question, but I think he was so exhausted he was to tired to be bad! :-)

Tillman on the Bee City Express Train!
Coming home from Bee City, I had to talk to Tillman the whole way to make sure he didn't fall asleep!  We sang songs, counted, and did "knock knock" jokes to stay awake.  He slept until 4PM when we got home.  Little Caroline slept that long too.  Bee City is the place to go to wear the kiddos out for sure!

Tillman in his boogie legs! It's boogie time!
Speaking of singing, Tillman has been learning lots of songs at school. He knows Jesus Loves Me (he loves and emphasizes the YES), Deep and Wide, Wheels on the Bus, and many others that I just can't tell what he is saying yet!  He is finally learning his colors.  The world is finally colors beyond YELLOW!  He seems to get green and red confused, but is doing much better. He also knows his shapes.  Counting is coming along. I think he knows 1-10 pretty well. He still really enjoys *9 10* part of the sequence. Word-wise his pronunciation is good.  He knows his full name, knows where Mimi lives (Ohio) and can sometimes tell us where he lives. He also says leprechaun really well! We pass one going to school everyday (Nancy's Exotic Plants corner of 162 and 17). He waits for it, and then yells out LEPRECHAUN!   

King of the Mountain on his new bean bag!
As you'll see in the above picture, the potty has moved to the kitchen.  Tillman will not go to the potty because he is scared he is going to miss something.  We moved it in the kitchen where he could still be a part of the action and not wet his pants (or worse!).  He also likes it by the vent, as the seat gets warmed up (high maintenance kiddo). Tillman is fully potty trained at school besides nap time.  At home, he seems to be on break or strike.  He pretty much wears a diaper at home--stopped with the pull ups at home since they are so darn expensive.  He is starting to enjoy going to public bathrooms.  He has successfully stood on the seat twice.  He'd rather go there than at home (pretty backwards thinking, but we'll take it). 

Strip down, its spaghetti night!
 Graham just waiting for something to drop!
Health-wise Tillman is off all meds.  We decided to take him off of Zyrtec and see how he did.  He seems to be doing about the same as before.  He's been pretty well--no doctor visits this month!  

Children's Museum during a Saturday monsoon!
Love having a membership to this place
 with the billion other people in Charleston too!
That place is always hopping!
Tillman still has fits. He is extremely strong-willed, but if you catch him on his good side, he loves to give hugs and kisses.  He also loves to take care of Caroline-wiping her nose, picking her up (scary), and being the official diaper fetcher. He truly is sweet and genuine when he says "I love you!" I'm not much of a touchy feely person but having children has really brought it out in me.  It is just to sweet to pass up!

Tillman's big treat for poo pooing on the potty..
.never thought we'd be so excited or mention this event....
a huge deal!
This kid has a heck of a memory too!  He is also brand loyal.  Every time we pass a Chick-fil-A, he wants chicken. Remember me saying he is strong willed, well most of the time he gets chicken!  I can't believe he know the logo when driving by.  We need to divert his attention when driving by the place or else we'll be pulling in the drive through!

29 month stats-
-24 month clothing
-weight-holding steady at upper 20's lbs
-size 4 diaper/pull up
-size 7 shoe
-molars are in...didn't even know they were there. Thank goodness we didn't have a fit over those coming in.