Tuesday, August 28, 2012

38 weeks & 5 days

38 and 5 is as far as we made it with Caroline!  At 9:35pm on Sunday, August 19, 2012, my water broke, and we knew we would be meeting sweet Caroline very soon.  Of course, we went through the "are you sure it has broken?"

Nick's dad came to keep Tillman, so we could head to the hospital. When arriving at the hospital, they staff had the same skeptical thoughts of my water breaking, but one check showed them my bag of water "grossly ruptured."  I was still just a 1.5 cm dilated, but unlike with Tillman, I was having a few contractions, so we were hopeful for the VBAC.

After many hours of laboring with an epidural, 6:30 PM on Monday night, I began to push (epidural stopped working).  Caroline Sutherland was born on August 20, 2012 at 8:43 PM via VBAC.  She was 19 1/4 inches long and 6 lbs & 15 ozs of sweetness!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Graham knows....

I'm sure if Graham could talk, he would look at this picture and say "man, those were the good 'ol days."  Before children (BC), Graham was the center of our world and especially Nick's.  Graham went to work with Nick everyday, he got all the attention, and enjoyed being a "lucky dog" (truth be told...there was a time when Graham would even go and sit in the bathroom when Nick would shower and other things...)
When Tillman came, Graham's world was turned upside down!  He was probably wondering when was this little person going to leave.  When Tillman would cry, he would go to the back door and beg to go outside.  Graham has adjusted to Tillman.  They really don't have much to do with one another, and Graham and Tillman compete for Nick's attention.  Graham will get in front of Tillman to greet Nick, and Tillman will push Graham out of the way to get to daddy.  Graham is generally on the losing end when it comes to Tillman...after all, Nick doesn't pick him up and twirl him around like Tillman!
The past few days, Graham has pretty much seems depressed, and over the past month he's been showing behaviors that we haven't seen before (Graham is a perfect dog, no chewing and no messes).  He went to Caroline's room and threw up (he NEVER goes upstairs) and just this week he "messed" in there. The other week, he chewed up one of Tillman's toys.  We have put all of this together and think this is his way of showing he is not up for yet another little one in the house.While cleaning up after him and dealing with that is frustrating, I do feel bad for Graham.
Today Nick took him to doggie daycare (which he loves), and Nick is trying to figure out a way to begin taking him back to work at least a few days a week.  Dogs need love too...right?
Tillman may not know what is about to "rock his world" but Graham sure knows!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Upload from Daddy's Phone-23 months 8.12.12

Remember the cute pic from the last post...well it all started cute...

Mr Independent eating his cake...not at the table...

NO! I do it!

Cake didn't fall on floor, BUT close!

Yes, red icing in hair.  Who's the only one who cares...MOMMY!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

38 Weeks

38 Weeks
Wow, We've hit the 38 week marker.  This officially has been the longest pregnancy yet! By this point we had already welcome Tillman in the world.  I'm very thankful that Caroline is still hanging in there.  Although I look very puffy and tired in the face in the photo, I'm hanging in there, and hoping Caroline doesn't come until September!  I know, I'm likely the only pregnant lady that has ever requested to be overdue!  Maybe this pregnancy is going to my head, but I'd love for Tillman and Caroline to be 2 years apart in school. Of course, I could hold Caroline back, but if she is born on or after Sept 1, we don't have to make any decisions.
 I saw Dr. Villers yesterday.  She checked on Caroline, and said there really wasn't much progress between last week and this week.  Caroline's head is really low, and I believe that.  I think she is right on my bladder. Getting to the bathroom fast is the name of the game during this portion of the pregnancy.  Dr. Villers said that I'm a "finger tip" dilated, so I guess that is either 1 cm still or a little more.

Caroline's bedding in place with her monogrammed comforter
Nick also worked hard this weekend to get the furniture put together and mostly in-place in Caroline's room. We had some friends come over and help Nick get the furniture upstairs (Thanks to the Jackson's for the help!).  These photos are of Caroline's crib "nook."  The other side of the room is a work in progress, so more pictures to come once it is complete.   I'm impressed how the room has turned out.  Her new furniture looks great in there.  We didn't paint or adjust any of the drapery; I simply found bedding that would coordinate with what was in place.   

Caroline's crib nook
Tillman's room is across the hall from Caroline's room.  We have new furniture and things are all moved around in the room.  When Tillman goes by that room in the morning, he points and says "Uh Oh!"  I guess that his his way of saying that things have changed in there.  We walk in the room and explain that this is baby Caroline's room.  He points to the crib and says "night night" and checks out the place.  He knows something is up, but he sure doesn't know that another little person will be in our house soon!

Monday, August 13, 2012

23 months 8.12.12

Enjoying cake at his buddy, Cole's, bday bash!

Yesterday, Tillman turned 23 months.  Wow, he is almost a two year old!  I'm currently on the hunt for a the 2nd birthday party venue!  We were about to have it at our house until yesterday.  Tillman went to a friend's party at the Charleston Children's Museum, and we think that is the way to go!  The kids got to play, the house can be a complete disarray and no clean up!  We'll have guest in town for his party and a new baby, so it is just too hard to do something at the house and have company too.  Maybe a jump castle party will be for when he turns 3!
At 23 months, Tillman is super independent...oh my, is he independent! He wants to hold his own plate, feed himself, and doesn't always realize the consequences of not getting help-dumping food on the floor, making a mess of himself when eating, falling out the chair, etc.  BUT, then again, I'm sure those only matter to those who have to clean up and console (AKA mommy and daddy). When he is with us, his parents, he is a hot mess when eating, but at daycare, he comes home pretty clean beyond where he spills drink on him.  I just don't get it. We hear he is very well behaved and mannered at school. He's not a bad kid for us; he is just really independent.  With independence comes not listening!

Another BIG thing will be coming up for Tillman in August is his baby sister will be coming into the world!  I really don't think he has much of a clue.  We've tried reading the big brother book, he has a big brother shirt, and we talk about the baby, BUT it really hasn't sunk in.  When we ask him where the baby is he points to his tummy!  I'm sure he will have an adjustment period, as we all will.  I hope it is a positive one.  Tillman is pretty much a daddy's boy, so he may consider Caroline being mommy's friend.  The next few weeks of change for our house will be interesting to see unfold. 

Tillman "helping" daddy with Caroline's furniture.
He used thestyrofoam corners for little seats!
 Tillman has also turned out to be a bit of a "ham" when it comes to getting his picture taken.  He loves it!  We can ask him to do something and he won't do it, but as soon as the camera is out, he is all about it!  He loves saying CHEESE!
Speaking of words/Tillman Talk, he is very much a talker.  He loves to learn new words and really likes to truly learn the word.  We practice a good bit when he is saying a word for the first time. He will say it, we'll say it "correctly" and he really does try to get it perfect.  Some sounds are hard, but I think it is great that he takes the time to say it as correct as possible.
The Blessing is still a HUGE things for Tillman.  He starts off by saying "Ga Ga Ga Ga" (the start to God is Great), folds his hands, and waits for me to say the whole thing, and then shout AMEN!
His favorite word by far is TRUCK!  He literally points out every truck while driving.  He can be crying hysterical in the car, and if he sees a truck, he'll snap out of it and shout "Truck!"  I've never been so thankful for a truck siting before, but it sure is nice to see one with a hysterical kid in the back!

Another fun thing for Tillman is the sign along CDs in the car.  He has his own dance moves to some of the songs.  As soon as he hears some of them come on, he knows exactly what his dance moves are and occasionally he'll do his version of signing along!
Mr Independent playing with the wagon
 at the beach. 10 seconds after this photo,
he went head first into the sand!
You could hear 25 "mommy gasp" from all around!

Funny Tillman-isms
-when we tell him the stove is hot and to not touch it, he blows at it to "cool" it down!
-Hot, Cool, it doesn't matter...everything is "HOT!"
-Tillman loves to tell his "story" of how things happen particular when he gets hurt.  He points to the place of how he got hurt and wants to show you by dragging you by the hand to the scene of the incident!  Once he has show you, he's totally fine after that!
-"NO"- no means no, no means yes, no mean maybe, no means pretty much everything!
-"Truck" Yes, he loves spotting a truck, but he also likes to ride in Daddy's truck...to the point he will throw a fit when put in to my car. (Secretly Tillman, you are saving mommy a lot of gas money since we take daddy's car everywhere!)
-"Hi" and "Bye" Tillman could be the Wal-Mart greeter!  He he loves to tell anyone hi and bye.  Sometimes he accompanies it with blowing a kiss.  When we pick him up from daycare, it is like a parade getting him out of there.  They call him the Mayor of Hollywood, since he loves to "shake hands and kiss babies!"

-25 lbs
-size 6 shoe
-size 12-24 mo in clothing
-size 4 diapers
Tillman in the Birthday Chair at the Children's Museum
I can't believe he will be 2 years old in less than
a month!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

MUSC Children's Hospital 25th Birthday Video

Help MUSC Children's Hospital make their 25th Birthday video go VIRAL!  I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

37 Week Appointment

Wow, I'm tipping the scales these days.  I gained 3 more lbs since the last visit.  I'm starting to see numbers I don't wish to ever see or talk about it.  Me and the hubby are neck and neck when it comes to weight!

This was a quick visit.  Caroline's heart rate was good.  I'm 1 centimeter dilated.  This was further than I made it with Tillman, so this is a hopeful sign that a VBAC is indeed still possible.

I have been suffering from a cold.  I begged for some meds, but that didn't work.  All I can take is Zyrtec, Mucinex, and vitamins. Dr. Villers said that it likely wouldn't get better fast, as Mrs Pregnant in the Lowcountry has increase blood supply and flow causing everything to be swollen.

I go back weekly for appointment from here on out.  We are getting close to her arrival.

Nick goes to get Caroline furniture tomorrow, and we plan to pack our bags and set up all things baby this weekend around the house.  At least, that is the PLAN....

35 Week Ultrasound & Appointment

Well Miss Caroline wasn't have any part of having her photo taken when we went for the ultrasound.  We didn't event get a glimpse of her face.  She had her face barred in the placenta the whole time.  We did find that she is a healthy little girl, and that she is roughly in the 37th percentile and at 35.5 weeks she weighs 5 lbs 9 ozs. Also found out that what I've been feeling for the past few weeks was for sure HICCUPS!
I also had an appointment following the ultrasound with Dr. Villers. Nick was at this appointment, so we talked a little about the birth and that we are on track to do the VBAC. I was also tested for Strep-B, and that came back negative. She also checked my cervix (not fun). At that point, I was completely effaced and not dilated.  This was good news as we had our upcoming beach trip the next weekend.

Below is the data from the Ultrasound and my comment in italics.

Stated EDC: EDC: 08/28/2012
GA by stated EDC: 35w2d
Current Scan on: 07/26/2012 EDC: 09/02/2012 (I guess she is a little behind her due date)
GA by current scan: 34w4d
Best Overall Assessment: 07/26/2012 EDC: 08/28/2012 Assessed GA: 35w2d
The calculation of the gestational age by current scan was based on BPD, HC, AC
and FL.
The Best Overall Assessment is based on the stated EDC.
General Evaluation:
Fetal heart activity: Present. Fetal heart rate: 174 bpm.(the physician thought this was high, so when she re-scanned it was down to the 140's)
Presentation: Cephalic.
Fetal movement: visible.
Amniotic Fluid: Normal with AFI. AFI 11.7 cm. Maximal vertical pocket 4.8 cm. #
Placenta: Anterior. Placenta Grade: Grade 1. (placenta in front-can't feel as much movement as most mom's.)
Anatomy Scan:
Singleton gestation.
BPD 83.0 mm 9th% 33w3d (32w2d to 34w3d) (Hadlock) (This is the measurement of a line drawn from ear to ear, through the brain.)
HC 317.7 mm 27th% 35w5d (32w5d to 38w5d) (Hadlock)
AC 317.3 mm 66th% 35w5d (34w5d to 36w5d) (Hadlock) (abdominal circumference. This is the measurement where the ring went around the fetal belly, like where a belt would go)
FL 64.8 mm 7th% 33w3d (30w3d to 36w3d) (Hadlock) (This is the length of the thigh bone from the knee joint to the hip joint-7th percentile-going to have short legs!)
OFD 113.0 mm 50th% 35w2d (Nicolaides)
TCD 47.4 mm >95th% (Nicolaides) (a test that measures the velocity of blood flow through the brain's blood vessels)
EFW (lbs/oz) 5 lbs 9 ozs (Hadlock (BPD-HC-AC-FL))
EFW (g) 2528 g 37th% (estimated fetal weight)

Fetal Anatomy:
Head: Normal cranium.
Brain: Normal lateral ventricles and choroid plexus. Cerebellum suboptimal.
Heart: 4 chamber view normal.
Gastrointestinal Tract: Stomach visible.
Bladder: Visible.
Genitalia: Normal Female.
Fetal Wellbeing Assessment:
Amniotic fluid: Normal with AFI. AFI: 11.7 cm. MVP: 4.8 cm. Q1: 4.8 cm. Q2: 1.2
cm. Q3: 1.6 cm. Q4: 4.1 cm.
Biophysical Profile: Fetal body movements: normal (2), Fetal tone: normal (2),
Fetal breathing movements: normal (2), Amniotic fluid volume: normal (2). Score 8
/ 8.
A repeat ultrasound of this single intrauterine pregnancy was performed secondary
to S>D. The anatomic survey was abbreviated today but reported as normal on
previous exam. The amniotic fluid volume was normal. Appropriate interval
growth was noted. The EFW was 5lbs 9ozs, placing the fetus at the 37th

Incidential BPP is 8/8.


Christopher Robinson, MD, MSCR
Maternal Fetal Medicine.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Family Vacation 2012

Left to right: sister's family, brother's family, parents, & us
Tillman at almost 23 months and Caroline at 36 weeks
The last weekend in July we went on a Family Vacation with my whole family (all 12 of us).  This was the first time that all of us had spent a week together...ever!  Tillman got to play with all of his cousins, learned a few things from them (ugh...opening doors-not cool, we have a pool in our backyard), adjusted to being one of four instead of an only child, and I'm sure he taught a few things too.
Cute things he learned was every one's name.  Since we aren't around each other a lot, he really didn't know his cousins very well.  Now he knows all of their names.  When we got back from the trip, he was going around the house calling for them. 
We also adjusted to actually taking off a full week from work and daycare.  This is the first time that Tillman has been away from daycare more than three days since he was enrolled (5 mo old).

The Grandboys
Tillman has a new love for "junk food." Nick's not too into junk food, so we really don't buy a ton.  I personally love it and consider vacation a time to pig out, so Tillman got to join in on the fun at the beach.  He now knows all about Capri Suns, Doritos, cookies of all kinds, Fruit Loops, and probably stuff we don't know about!  I can tell you that he was sure thankful for the food.  He didn't let anyone miss a meal without folding his hands waiting on the blessing.  He knows the prayer starts with God and ends with AMEN! What he says in between is unclear, but he is saying the blessing!
While on vacation, we had some family photos taken to capture the trip and this snapshot in time of the family.  In just a few weeks, a little girl, Caroline, will enter the family!