Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Big Fat Lip

Tillman not feeling so well with his busted lip.
Hey, at least he has his new John Deere shirt on!

Tillman fell down at school yesterday and landed his mouth on a truck.  He and this truck have been in a accident before.  The first time was a bump on the nose, and now he has a big fat lip from it.  He also had some bloody gums.  I sure hope his tooth is ok.  He is having trouble eating, and things are sore.  Our poor little buddy is on Advil.
On the note from the teacher, she said that she was going to keep him away from that truck.  I think that is a good idea!  I hope we can stay away from the dentist as well, as I'm worried about that tooth!

Friday, June 15, 2012

29 Week Appointment

Miss Caroline has a 130 bpm heart rate when Dr. Villers checked in on her yesterday.  Dr. Villers said that everything is normal, but she will do a growth scan/ultrasound in the 3rd trimester just to make sure of her size.  If she is a big baby, then I'll have to be schedule for a C-section.  If not, the plan is to do a VBAC.  Dr. Villers said a successful VBAC given my previous reasons for C-section is 75-80%.

I also asked Dr. Villers about some lower belly pain that I've been having.  She said it was normal. It is likely scare tissue from the previous C-section.  The other things on my list to ask about was feeling out of breath and going to the potty...all the time.  Dr. Villers said it is all due to Sweet Caroline.  She is likely sitting on my bladder and she is growing, so I just have less room to breathe.

At the end of the visit, I had to get a RhoGAM shot due to my blood type being negative (Rh-).  This will prevent my body from rejecting the pregnancy if Miss Caroline has a positive (Rh+) blood type like her daddy.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

21 months 6.12.12

Just as turning 21 years old is a big deal for most adults, turning 21 months for Tillman has also been a big event.  No, he isn't considered "legal," but he is on his way to "big boy undies" and completely feeding himself.  He began potty training and "pee pees" on the potty three times a day right now.
Bologna sandwich...yuck! 

The above photo is of his daily sheet at school, and you can see his progress.  Nick has been working with him on the potty at home.  Excuse me...I should say "NNNIIIICK."  Yes, Tillman calls his daddy "Nick" and says it just like a Southerner....NNNNIIICK!  We both think it is too funny.

Taking a photo without getting caught.
 They are doing serious business!
When Tillman potty's at home, he has to have a toy to entertain.  It really doesn't change once men get older. In our bathroom there are magazines everywhere!  When Tillman does go "pee pee" we try to congratulate him and make a huge deal of it!
At school they have a whole wall of potties.  The kiddos sit on the potties while watching a video.  Once one of them goes "potty," the teachers make a huge deal of it, and give them a small treat.  This encourages the other kids as well to go "pee pee in the potty" too.  I hear that Tillman doesn't like to sit on the pot at school. He often tries to get up and play, and he sometimes misses the pot!  

In other 21 month old news, Tillman has learned that his teeth can be used for more than eating.  He bit the teacher yesterday.  I must say, I'm glad it wasn't a child, but still.... She said that she was correcting him and made him hold her hand.  She felt some teeth, and low and behold, Tillman was biting her finger!  She said that even though he bit her, Tillman is still one of her favorite.  Good thing...right?  That might change if he continues to bite.  At least he bit someone that could correct him immediately.  He has tried to bite me and Nick before, so I hope soon he will get the picture that biting is a NO NO!

Tillman is also starting to learn the children's names in his class.  We had one of his classmates over at our house to swim this past weekend.  Cole and Tillman are about a month a part.  Tillman was a little confused about Cole being at his house, but he soon got over that.  I think it took him a little while to recognize him in another environment.  He began saying "Cooooooole!"
Tillman also got to play with Carter, Corbin, and Owen at the pool party!  Carter was the first to arrive.  He was so excited to see guests at the house (remember, we live in the one really come to our house much).  He was running circles around the house!

This "legal aged" 21 month old stats:
Weight: holding steady around 23 lbs (no doctor visits this month, so not sure on the weight)
Diapers size: size 4 of Little Movers day and night. (Even tried some Publix diapers this month)
Clothing size: 12-18 months (some 24 mo shirts)
Shoe size: 5-5.5
Food tricks: drinking from a small cup (without a lid) & feed himself
Naps: 1 nap during the day around 11:30 and sleep until 1:30
Play/learning (new things):Has a structured day at daycare.  They have posted a schedule outside the class, going to church at school, Gymersize, pool time, water days at school, learning names, Zac Brown Band is his favorite music in the car, and took his first dip in and boat ride on Lake Murray (life jackets = no fun for Tillman) 

29 Weeks

Week 29, the week before the 30's count down.  Thinking about it gets me a little anxious since Tillman came early, and surprised us all.  I hope Sweet Caroline will hang out until her due date.  Our next few weeks will consist of cleaning out the house to make room for Caroline, getting out all the "baby things," and getting as much sleep as possible before she arrives!

I have also had to "clean out."  Maternity clothes that is...all the smalls are now not fitting, so I had to say good bye to those, and we're on to bigger and better (maybe) things!

Speaking of cleaning out for Caroline, I've put a few things on Craigslist.  Yesterday, I thought I sold a sink that was left over from our home renovation.  Got it out of the storage house, cleaned it, and toted it to the front door for pick up.  Did I mention that it is a ceramic/fireclay sink? Too heavy for Mrs Pregnant in the Lowcountry to be carrying, but I did anyway.  I feel like I have pulled a muscle in my torso.  As if those muscles aren't stretched enough at this point, I'm sure it is over extended at this point!  I can't be doing that again because I was out a breath for two hours after that.  We went on a walk, and I was having t catch my breath to carry a conversation.  Did I mention the guy didn't even show up to get the darn sink....ugh!

Shameless Plug: Help us clean out for Caroline; shop our Craigslist postings and search 5586.

I also purchased her mattress and her chandelier came in this week.  This will make the room a little more girly and will go well with her furniture.  We hope her furniture will arrive within the next two weeks.

How big is baby at 29 weeks?
Baby will be weighing in at around 2.54 pounds (1.153kg) and measuring 15.2 inches (38.6cm).
How is baby developing and growing
Baby's lungs will be developed enough that he/she would be able to breath air. Baby's brain is now developed enough that it can control rhythmic breathing, and so if baby were to be born now, then he/she would be able to breathe on his/her own. In fact - with each passing day baby's chances of surviving outside of the womb increase dramatically.
Should be noticing a vast change now in your pregnancy week by week as baby will be growing bigger and bigger quite quickly now. Because weight gain is so rapid now, babies that are born prematurely, even if only a few weeks, may be tiny and a lot smaller than babies which go to the full term of your pregnancy.
Here are a couple of interesting factors about birth weight:
  • Boys weigh more than girls
  • Birth weight increases with the increasing number of pregnancies you have.
As baby's brain and senses develop she will become more and more sensitive to light and dark, sound, taste and even baby's skin is becoming sensitive. By the end of this week baby's eyes will even be capable of moving inside their sockets. Baby will be practicing seeing.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Run For The Money

Dear Master Tillman,
You are giving me and daddy a "run for our money these days."  Please ease up on us, little man!

So, Tillman has been rather temperamental the past few weeks.  "Time out" is the name of the game at daycare and at home.  Yesterday, when I got to school, he was in time out.  The temper-tantrums can be over just about anything these days.  Sometime we can't even figure out what they are even about.  Tillman has been know to "fall out" in the daycare parking lot, kick his shoes off, throw food while eating, dump food out in his car seat (my personal fave), and get stiff-bodied (this one is hard to explain but he makes himself stiff as a board that way you can't carry him unless it is football-style).

By no means do I think poor Tillman is a bad child, it is just tough at times to see him scream and get really upset.  It is a way of expressing himself, and we are working on figuring this little guy out.

Tillman also brought home all the "daycare yuckiness" this week, and Nick is "out of commission" with a 103 fever!  We think Nick has Hand Foot and Mouth.  Tillman currently has a rash that looks like HFMD that we thought was diaper rash, but I saw a bump on his lip as well--it makes me think, it might be that.  He doesn't have any fever, and appears fine (daycare folks think he is fine too--good thing because having Nick and Tillman at home all day....Oy Vey!).  This rash can come back time to time (per physician), so I'm thinking his has reappeared.  For those of you coming over for a pool party on Saturday, Tillman isn't contagious, but Nick may be, so we might be meeting folks at the beach if Nick isn't better.