Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sweet Child of Mine

Getting ready for WATERMELON!
All of us have been suffering from some sort of cold, illness, virus for the past couple of weeks.  Nick is finally on the mend after being tested and confirming him having EBV-epstein barr virus (similar to mono).  Since Nick's immunity has been down, he has been getting sinus infections.  Tillman's nose has been running, and yes, the pregnant lady also got a nasty cold.  
It has been fun to watch Tillman with all of these symptoms going around the house.  When he coughs or sneezes, he covers his mouth/nose (thank you, day care, for teaching him that).  He also request to wipe his nose.  He knows how to do it himself, and then puts it in the trash can.  All of this sounds like common stuff, but I know adults who don't do this!
Just this morning, I was coughing while carrying him downstairs after he woke up.  During the cough, he patted my back (to help me through it...I guess). It was so sweet, and he seemed pretty genuine in his action and showed concern.  
He also shows very sweet and genuine actions to his Daddy too.  Yesterday, he asked daddy "come play!" and he pointed to the den.  
Even with time-out he is sweet.  When he is allowed out of "toddler jail," he gives each of us a hug and is working on "I'm sorry."  (Thanks to Nick for teaching him this.) We really are his best friends right now.  I know that will change, but it sure is sweet right now.
Tillman has been getting more complements at school too.  I've had several parents email me to say that Tillman hug them, blew them a kiss or waved bye bye to them and their child when they were picking up.  The teachers all get a huge and a kiss before he leaves at night.  He really isn't prompted to do this...it's just him.  
I know, I'm bragging, but hey, that's what having your own blog is all about!  :-)

Watermelon is defined as a fruit only to be
eaten outside  in a diaper!

35 Weeks

Caroline is growing and so is my belly!  We have reached the 35-week marker.  This week we get to peek-in on Caroline.  The first time we've seen her since 20-week appointment.  I am very excited to see her at the ultrasound on Thursday.  My burning questions are- how big is she, who will she look like, what percentile is she in, how long until her arrival, and the list goes on and on.  Of course, all of those questions are behind the important one of health!

I think that nesting has started.  I have a HUGE project at work that I am trying to do as much work on before going out.  We are opening another location, and in my role that is my main duty.  I've been rushing around trying to get all the permits, licenses, etc needed to open the doors of the place while I'm out on maternity leave.  I'm don't want to leave folks with a bunch of work.  It has been hard to create urgency to get things done, as people are like "oh, we have plenty of time...no worries."  Anxious me has to put in a little reminder that I'm on a bit of a ticking time clock with this belly of mine, so we have to get things done early. :-)

I've also been nesting at home. I'm getting Caroline's room together-rug cleaning, getting Caroline's things in place, and unwrapping, detagging, and washing all of her things.

I did have a HUGE surprise on Friday at work.  My co-workers threw me and another employee who is due in August a shower.  It was such a surprise! Miss Caroline is going to be styling in all of the new clothes she received! Below are photos from the shower, and they had my personal fav-CAKE- at the shower too!

Friday, July 13, 2012

33 Week Appointment

I had my doctor's appointment with Dr. Villers yesterday.  Things went well.  She commented that this pregnancy has zoomed by, and I'd have to say I agree!  I can't believe we are getting down to the wire here!  Tillman was born at 37 weeks, so if we are going by that, it is possible to only have 5 weeks left, Yikes! We have the Moses basket, but that is really it-the furniture isn't in yet, the room is a mess, and I have to say, we are just not ready for Sweet Caroline yet.  We plan to get all the infant items out soon.  The good thing about those items is we at least know how they go together!
Dr Villers advised me not make any solid plans in August.  She said we would know better in two weeks when I have my ultrasound and starts cervical checks (fun).   
All other things went well during the appointment. She thinks at this time the Caroline isn't as big as Tillman, but she said she was wrong with Tillman's size the last time.  I've gained 5 lbs from two weeks ago (ugh!). I was gaining one to two lbs a week for a while, and now I've had a jump in weight.  It's hard to see it on the scale, but I know it is for a good cause.  
I go back in two weeks for an ultrasound and an appointment with Dr. Villers.

22 Months (7.12.12)

Tillman at  Meggett Park on the joggling board
Tillman has turned into a "towhead" (German saying that means very blond) as the summer has progressed.  He is also a whopping 25 lbs!  He's gained 2 lbs since his birthday!  I do think he is getting taller.  Tillman tends to be a picky eater-no meats, loves fruit, funny about food texture, and drinks his weight in water!   Water is actually one of his favorite words...well just behind the word, truck!

Another favorite "past time" for Tillman is hanging with the ladies at the hair salon and getting his hair cut.  Nick and Tillman get their hair cut together.  I hear that Tillman is very still and love to get his hair cut.  Once he's done, he like to sit in the chair next to Daddy while Nick gets his hair cut too!  I don't know why I'm using the word "daddy," because Tillman calls his daddy "NNNNIIIICK!"

Well we are on to the big potty now.  The little potty wasn't "cool," so Tillman refused to use it.  He wanted to use only the big potty.  We got him a cool race car seat with a "trigger" on it that makes car noises.  He feels like a big boy on this potty.  He gets a treat for getting on the potty and then another if he goes potty. No, we don't give him M&M.  He prefers dried cranberries, so that's the treat for potty!  He is on a schedule at daycare for potty at 8:30AM, 11AM, and 2PM (when up from nap).  We try to do this schedule at home on the weekends and follow through at night as well.  He has gone both types of potty (#1 and #2...I'm sure he'll hate me for saying this later) and is getting the hang of it.  He loves to flush the toilet, unroll the toilet paper, read books, and play with toys while on the pot. He still doesn't request to go to the potty, but for now the schedule seems to be working.  He normally tells us after the fact that he's gone to the potty.  He holds his pants and says "poop!" Nice, right??
Funny/yucky story...Tillman loves the cranberry treats a lot and will go to great length to get one.  When he is on the toilet, he makes/forces himself go potty by pushing on his tummy...strange? Maybe.  Well he was pushing on his tummy, and I was standing right there, he ends up spraying the whole room...me included.  Dude, you have to stop doing that!  It is not cool!

Tillman is also be talking more and more.  In fact, I hear he woke the whole class at nap time.  He was the first to wake, he went over to one of his friends (who was sleeping under the table...they sleep on mats around the room).  He woke her up and they began chatting, which lead to the whole class waking.  I'd love to know what they talk about.  How do they understand each other?

22 Month random facts:
-loves playing in a baby pool and going to the beach
-loves jamming in the car to the kiddie CD
-learning to walk "civilized" and holding mommy's hand (not digging the stroller these days)
-loves to climb and is resourceful. He gets a chair pushes it to the door to unlock it (dangerous), to the cabinet to get food, to the sink to play in water....
-loves to tell his story when he gets a booboo. He tells you just how it happen and wants kisses
-hates time out! Surprise about that. We are struggling with that right now
-loves to people watch!
-doesn't like ice cream...weird
-doesn't have a clue he is about to be a big brother to a baby sister next month!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Week 33

Outfit look plain? Necklace popped while walking
into work without warning. Beads were everywhere...
under cars, all over side walk, etc
Oh week 33, I can't believe this pregnancy is flying by!  Soon we will have a little girl with 10 tiny fingers and 10 tiny toes.  Totally not ready!  When I think about two little kiddos, it seems overwhelming.  I know we will adjust and it will be fine (it has to be, right?).
I think that Tillman knows something is coming.  He has become extra clingy and wants to be held all the time.  I guess if he is like this when Caroline comes, we will have to get the Baby Bjorn out for Caroline, and get some sort of back sling for Tillman to sit in.
The heat over the past few days or week has also been killer!  Everyone is deprived when it is hot outside.  Graham hasn't been walked very much, Tillman wants to play outside (but can't), and our AC is working overtime, as I crank it down.  I think that is the major thing I've noticed about this pregnancy is that the heat bothers me much more than last.  We went to a dinner last night, and I met Nick.  I didn't even want to get out of my car to walk to his, as I was afraid of not cooling down. You know, a sweaty pregnant lady just isn't cute.
Last Friday, we head for a drive in the mountains.  We went through a rain storm, and it cooled down to 59 degrees after being in the mid-90's all day.  It was so refreshing.  When we went to dinner after the drive, it was still in the mid-80's, and I even thought it would be ok to sit outside!
During the drive, I noticed that my nose (in particular) was swelling (started to having to breathe through my mouth).  Then i could see my cheeks in my "peripheral vision" and noticed my hands were getting large (my rings were sinking into my skin).  After sitting down all day, the swelling had started.  We took a long stroll in Bravard before getting back on the road to come home, which helped a lot.  It was pretty crazy how all of that happened. I don't think there will be any long car rides in my future for a while.

In other news, we decided to bring out all the infant items in August.  I've schedule her newborn photos for September 4th.  This time it won't be at our house; we're having to drive to a studio (pray for us and that this goes well).  I am very hesitant about a 30 minute drive, having her well fed, and in a new place to get good pictures, but it can be done...other have done it.
Her furniture will be here in August.  Nick will drive to Columbia to get it.  We'll also take some items up to my parents as we "Clean out for Caroline" at our house.  She has a brand new Moses basket in the mean time...hopeful that she will enjoy the Moses basket as much as Tillman did for 5 months!

How big is baby?
Baby will be weighing in at around 4.23 pounds (1.918kg) and measuring 17.20 inches (43.7cm).

How is baby developing and growing?
Baby may begin to practice sucking this week by sucking on his/her fingers.
  • Baby will continue to deposit fat under the skin this week as he/she will continue to gain weight.
  • As a result of the fat deposits, your baby's skin will be changing color from red to pink. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

30, 31,32....(weeks)

30.5 weeks

Time is flying by.  I had an appointment last Thursday with Dr. Villers. Everything is going well and looks normal.  We scheduled all of my visits through the end of the pregnancy.  I also was scheduled for the ultrasound to check in on Sweet Caroline to see how big she will be at 35 weeks.  We'll have that appointment on July 26th.  After that, we'll have a better plan for delivery.
I gained 1 lb between the two appointments.  My weight gain has slowed over the past two weeks, but I'm sure another "growth" spurt is on its way.

Caroline is very active.  She is moving around like crazy.  I can feel her movements much more than Tillman.  Sunday night, I could feel her "elbowing" me.  It is really strange to be able to tell what body part is making the move.

We've been nesting a bit over the past few weeks.  Caroline's has a draw-full of clothes ready to go. We're cleaning out to make room for her.  Criagslist has been our friend over the past few weeks.  Sold just about everything, so the clean out was very successful.  Nick went to Home Depot this weekend to get some supplies to do some odds and ends projects around the house.  We have some regular maintenance type items, as well as some things that we needed to complete from having our home renovated. 
We may be super ambitious, but we plan to put our house on the market while I'm out on maternity leave-for sale by owner.  We are going to try that route first, but if it doesn't work, then we'll likely hire a realtor. 
I do plan to take 12 weeks this go round.  With Tillman, I only took 8 weeks, and I just should have stayed out longer.  Caroline will go to the daycare after the 12 weeks are up.  It will be in the middle of holiday season, so there will be lots of little breaks during that time as well, which I think will be good.  Going back to work and getting back into the swing of things is difficult, so small spurts will work well.

How big is baby Caroline?
Baby will be weighing in at around 3.75 pounds (1.702kg) and measuring 16.69 inches (42.4cm). 

Guess we'll have to see if that holds true at the ultrasounds in a few weeks!