Thursday, June 6, 2013

9 Month Check Up 5.31.13

Caroline's 9 month visit to Dr Clifford went really well.  Her growth is right on target. She was "released" to eat table food (she technically already does). He just wanted her to avoid things with seeds and the usual-peanut butter (nut products). We also discussed head bumps!  Caroline has taken some spills and has had a headbutt or two with her brother.  The poor child always has a bruise on her noggin'. He said that was normal when babies start making their way to crawling and walking.  Head bumps are only a concern if the throw up or seem dizzy.  We've kept an eye on her, and she seems to do fine after each fall.  She did fall down some steps at my mom's house this weekend and threw up, but I think that was because she was so upset after it.
Took a spill after standing in the tub...
A Big No No!
Dr Clifford did think she was a little ahead with standing up and trying to walk already. Tillman was right at a year before he started doing this.  I think that is why she has so many spills!  She blazing the trails sooner than most. I think she also has someone to copy and watch, big brother, Tillman. She wants to keep up with him.  He does wrestle with her, and I must say, she holds her own and give him a run for his money!
Caroline's ears were checked and all was clear. She continues to have her "daycare snot nose," but so far, no ear infections. He also checked out her diaper rash scar from a few weeks ago.  She skin is very pink in the areas the rash was really bad.  He stated that it should go away in 6 weeks.  It was a burn, so it will take awhile for the skin to repair itself.
"Black Eye" after a headbutt with Tillman!
This is C's mean look at the camera flash!
I also asked him about he shaking her head back and forth at times. She'll do this when she is nursing and just in general. He stated it was another way that they communicate. He doesn't think it means anything specific, but just like grunting and other things.  I guess once she starts talking more, these type "communications" will go away.

Caroline's 9mo stats:
19lbs 3oz (65th percentile)
26 3/4 inches (14th percentile)
17 3/4 inches (80th percentile)
BMI 18.9