Monday, May 23, 2011

"Get Ready Mom!"

With the Indy 500 right around the corner, I look at Tillman rocking back and forth on his knees, and I think "(ladies and) gentlemen start your engines."  It certainly won't be long until he is off on his own race. 

Tillman has his mind on other things when he gets into crawl position.  He is usually trying to grab something or trying to reach for something to pull up on.  I don't think he realizes this is how he can get around.  As soon as he wants to get somewhere, he drops to the ground and starts rolling or gets on his side to start "inch worm(ing)."

This rug is the only place I've seen him get in the (kind of) crawl position. He has his other leg out for balance and for (just in case) he finds something to pull up on.  Like this weekend.  I was unloading the dishwasher, which is right by this rug.  He was in his crawl position, tried to pull up on the dishwasher, and hit his head right on the dishwasher rack.  He has a nice bruise by his temple.  He's tough though and handled it like a champ....Me?  I was beside myself I let him do it and tried to put ice on it, but Tillman wasn't having that!

I realize by writing this post about him almost crawling could jinx him into never crawling or not doing it until he is 1 or something. Oy vey :-)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Friday! Here's a few of my favorite things...

Diet Coke (with Splenda of course), Tiny T,
Graham Dog, and a fresh clean house!

Thank you, Julie, for Tillman's Zoom Zoom outfit. 
It is a great tribute to the Mazda6!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

8 Months 5.12.11

An early AM 8 mo birthday photo
Wow, 8 months...really.  I catch myself telling people Tillman is 6 months old.  Time is flying by, and I think that 8 months sounds so old for my sweet little boy!
Tillman isn't crawling yet.  He's getting there though!  His legs are super strong, and he wants to go.  He just can't seem to get that tummy up.  I've tried to put the wipes box under his tummy while on the floor to show him how to get in the crawl position, but he gets very frustrated with that approach.  One thing is for sure, he is going to do it when HE is ready!

He is certainly learning how to get around.  When he is sitting or laying down, he love for someone to hold out their hands so he can grab on and pull up to a standing position.  Standing is when is is at his happiest.  I think he has enjoyed being on his feet since he could hold his head up.  Even when we just pull him up to a seated position, he tries to get us to let him hang on to our fingers long enough for him to get to the standing position.

Tillman also made another trip to the doctor this week.  He's been coughing his head off and has had a runny nose! Yuck...we had to wait in the SICK waiting area.  I could just feel the germs crawling on us!  Tillman was "diagnosed" with allergies.  He was put on the liquid form of Zyrtec. We hope this improves his symptoms.

Tillman's Stats
Weight: 18 lbs
Percentile: 20th (right on target with his growth curve)
Diaper Size-3 (Little Movers)
Clothing Size-6 months (starting to pull out 9 months)
Shoe Size- 1
Food-Momma milk and three meals a day-2 vegetables and 1 fruit
Sleeping-through the night in his crib (set a record sleep 7P-9:30A on 5.7.11)
Naps-usually only 30 minutes twice a day (2 hour naps on the weekend!)
Sounds-DaDa (LOVES saying that) and jabbering like crazy
Play-floor play, standing (assisted of course), pulling up, rolling from one side of the room to the next, playing in the high chair, tickling/giggling, scooting on the floor
Things we're working on-exploring the sippy cup and crawl position
Things mommy's working on-baby proofing the house
A good night pic at the end of his long day

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

And They're Off...

Wreath made by my friend, Mary-Margaret,
for my baby shower and I repurposed it
for the Derby party.
This wreath was a Pluff Mudd Studio tutorial.
 On Saturday, we hosted a Kentucky Derby party.  I won some Pluff Mudd Studio printables from Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line!  It was exciting to winning, but the pressure was on to plan a party in less than a week (yikes)!  The Derby is know as the fastest 2 minutes in sports, and I felt like I was in a "party planning" derby to pull off a party in less than a week!

Below are some photos from the party displaying all the printables used.  I also had a fun time using some of Tillman's new toys as props.  The rocking horse and saddle were Nick's.  Tillman's Mimi brought down a lot of Nick's toys from child hood when she last visited.   

Nick's childhood rocking horse decorated for the party
Nick's childhood saddle decorated for the party

Tillman's corner of the kitchen

The Watering Trough

No Derby party is complete without Bourbon & Mint Juleps
Mint Julep Recipe
Kitchen before guests arrived
"And They're Off" Banner

Bags had candy and Chex mix in them

Graham's corner of the kitchen didn't go undecorated!

Derby Chicken and Benedictine Sandwiches

Prize Ribbons for the "Best Bet," Best Dressed," "Fastest"
(aka first to arrive), and Trivia-When was the Mint Julep
made the official drink of the Derby?
STOP...Derby Party Here!

Sign in drive way "welcoming" folks to...

Our Churchill Downs

Winners-The Fastest, Best Bet, and Trivia
Winner-Best Dressed

Monday, May 9, 2011

My Daddy Dressed Me...

"Chicks dig me!"
Last Saturday (while I was at a baby shower), Nick and Tillman hung around the house.  When I left, Tillman was still in his sleep sack, but this was his "snazzy" outfit when I returned home!  By the looks of Tillman's face, I think he might like it; I see him saying something like "Chicks dig me!"

Tillman is also trying to crawl these days.  He's getting the motions down, but just doesn't enjoy being on his tummy.  He is rolling all around the room.  Last week, he rolled under his crib at the day care, and couldn't get out.  I think he surprised his "teachers," especially since one of them had to crawl under there with him to "fish" him out.  They said that he has really become mobile over the past week. 

 One thing I've noticed is we'll see Tillman do something at home, but it takes about a week until they notice it at daycare.  I think at home we're more comfortable with having him do things, but when at daycare, they don't put him out of his comfort zone/ test him.  Likely it is because they have 9 other babies to watch, and they are just trying to keep all 10 happy...let alone challenge each of them!