Friday, May 28, 2010

Jazzy Toes!

You may have noticed on the right side of the blog, I have links under the heading "shop the private sales with me." These links to websites that offer private /  member-only sales.  Once you become a member (membership is free, but you have to be invited by a member...that's me!), you'll get daily emails of the sales up for that day (new sales begin at 11AM each day). These links take you directly to an invitation from me, so you can become members of these wonderful sites that offer great deals!

One of the sites is The Mini Social. This site is to clothe our little ones (great site for baby gifts as they can ship it as a gift)!  This week the site was offering Jazzy Toes socks box sets for $12.50.  Just by doing a quick google search, I found that most sites sell them for $26 and up, so $12.50 is a great deal.  I got Tillman the Boy Loafers Box Set.  I think these socks will be too cute for Tillman until he reaches the point of wearing shoes and running around like a mad man!
If you currently are not shopping the private sales, now is your chance!  You have been personally invited to join The Mini Social and all the other great sites by Mrs. Pregnant in the Lowcountry!  So, what are you waiting on?  Get your Fashion Friday on and join!

*Note to readers: I do not receive any of your personal information when you fill out the initiative.  The link sends you to a page to create a log in for each site.  The information you enter is only to the site to set up your log in.  If you have any questions about the site, feel free to leave a comment or email me at soireesandshenanigans @ gmail dot com.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dr. Villers makes National News...what a cool doc!

As you know by now, I see Dr. Margo Villers at MUSC Women's Health.  One of the things that makes her a wonderful doctor is she does a lot more than sees patients.  Dr. Villers is also involved in research.  This makes me feel really good because I feel like my healthcare provider is constantly learning and is always up-to-date.

Dr. Villers was recently interviewed by MSNBC, and an article about her research made the front page on

Here's the link to the article.  What a cool doc!  It's a great feeling to see my personal physician in the national spotlight!

Gulcose Screening-Tomorrow Morning

Tomorrow morning I'll be "drinking the juice!"  (Yuck...I hear.) The glucose screening is a recommend a test for pregnant women between 24 and 28 weeks of pregnancy to check for gestational diabetes, a high blood sugar condition that some women get during pregnancy.  Dr. Villers prefers for her patients to get it around the 24 week mark verse later.  (I'll be 24 weeks on Tuesday.)

For the test, I've been told that one doesn't have to fast.  They request that you don't go and have a crazy carb/sugar meal.  However, I have many friends who have told me HORROR stories about those who chose not to fast and were on the board line, which caused them to go for the extended test (3 hours long and you are required to fast).

Since my appointment is at 9AM, I think I am not going to chance it and fast.  I just want to make sure I have the most accurate reading possible, and eliminate any false positive readings.  Dr. Villers' office did mention I could come in at 8:30 to "drink the juice."  After drinking it, you have to wait an hour for the reading.  My appointment with Dr. Villers is at 9:00, so I hope that hour will go by quickly since I'll be busy! 

We do plan to video the test, so you'll have to tune in! 

The drink for the test is orange and is supposed to taste like Sunkist.  I really hope it does because that is one of my favs (wishful thinking..huh?)!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

He weighs as much as a mango!

Here's what had to say about Tillman's growth on his 23rd week. "Turn on the radio and sway to the music. With his sense of movement well developed by now, your baby can feel you dance. And now that he's more than 11 inches long and weighs just over a pound (about as much as a large mango), you may be able to see her squirm underneath your clothes. Blood vessels in her lungs are developing to prepare for breathing, and the sounds that your baby's increasingly keen ears pick up are preparing his for entry into the outside world. Loud noises that become familiar now — such as your dog barking or the roar of the vacuum cleaner — probably won't faze him when he hears them outside the womb."

As for me, I feel pretty good!  (random thoughts below)
I do notice that my hands are getting puffy.  I took off my wedding rings the other day, and I had to tug at them.  They left a mark on my finger, which is unusual because these rings before I was always trying to keep them on/secure to my finger.

I don't have any real cravings here lately, and I find that I get full quickly (at sit down meals).  I guess there is something to them telling us pregnant ladies to eat smaller meals through the day. 

My paranoia right now is being around the "sniffing sneezing" type.  I really don't want to get sick.  So far, I have fended off the germs and haven't caught anything.  I'd really like to keep it that way!

Sleeping is also going pretty well.  I've been sleeping with a million pillows (Nick just loves all the extra company consuming the bed).  One of those million is a body pillow!  It has been great to put between my legs and "anchor" me on my left slide. Before, I was a stomach sleeper, so this has been an adjustment!  I do find that my legs go numb at night after being in the same position for a while.  Usually my sleep is interrupted once or twice a night for a potty break.  Our poor dog, Graham, got trampled the other night.  He never sleeps on my side of the bed, but he was right there when I got out of the bed. Lucky for him (and me) I didn't go tumbling down and caught myself from the fall.

Another funny thing is most people ask me about is wearing just hasn't bothered me yet.  I don't feel off balance, and they don't hurt my feet (yet). I'm going to wear them until I just can't anymore!  I'm 5' 2", so I need the additional support in the height department!

Here's me!

Monday, May 24, 2010

What's in a name?

When picking a name for our baby-to-be, we wanted to make sure the name had meaning.  Family names were very important to us, as well as to make sure we could call him by his real name (no "nick" name allowed!).

Tillman has been a middle name for males on Nick's Mom's side of the family since the Civil War (per his Grandma).  Nick really enjoyed his Grandfather (Donald Tillman), so it was only natural that we name our son, Tillman.  To make the name that much sweeter, our due date is his Grandfather's birthday! 
We're still doing some family research on the name, and would like to find out as much as possible about it.  In the mean time, I did a little Internet research on the name, here is what we found.

"The boy's name Tillman \t(i)-ll-man\ is of Old English origin, and its meaning is "one who plows the earth". Occupational name. In agriculture, tilling the soil meant turning and loosening it before it was planted.
Tillman has 2 variant forms: Tilghman and Tilman.
Tillman is an uncommon first name for men but a very common last name for both men and women (#792 out of 88799). (1990 U.S. Census) "

"Till \t(i)-ll\ is of German origin, and its meaning is "power of the tribe". Variant of Theodoric. The German legends about Till Eulenspiegel were the inspiration for a tone poem by Richard Strauss."

After doing this research, I know we've picked the right name for our son.  With Nick being an Agronomist
(aka soil dork ;-)), it just seemed so fitting!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Diaper Bags...Every Mom's (and Dad's) Fashion Accessory! (like it or not)

I haven't received much advice on diaper bags, but one thing is for sure, I've been asked probably 10 times or more if I was going to get a Vera Bradley baby bag.  I am not very educated on diaper bags, and when reading mommy blogs, there is not real consensus on "the best" diaper bag (at least one under $200).
I chose the "Sittin' in a Tree" pattern by Vera Bradley for Tillman's diaper bag.  If you know me at all, you know that green and brown are my "signature colors!"  In fact, I am going to change my stroller and car seat selection (I think) to a green and brown pattern.  I want to be neutral as possible, so in the event we have a little girl some day, she won't be all decked in blue!

This bag print is just perfect, and I think the bag will be big enough for what we'll need to tote around (at least I hope).

Here's a little about the Vera Bradley baby bag (16" x 11¾" x 5½" –12" strap drop, 26" x 14" changing pad)
"Our latest Baby Bag has a total of 11 pockets inside and out, including a full zippered back, and holds everything from bottles to extra clothes. We've added a special clip for disappearing pacifiers and lined the interior for easy cleaning. Also includes a 26" x 14" terry-covered changing pad with coordinating trim."
Have any baby bag advice?  What's your favorite?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Swagger Wagon

I first saw this video on So Happily Us!  This is just too funny not to share!  The mini van is not in our plans, but I know many families love them with all the kids in tow! 
I've watched this serveral times and still get a kick out of it!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Target Service Recovery!

I was hoping they would come through, and they did!! 

Here's what they had to say:
"I'm sorry for the trouble with your order. I know how frustrating it can be when an item doesn't work out.

At this point, I'd request you to go ahead and place a new order for a bathing suit (a matching set) of your choice. Once your new order is shipped, just write back to us using the link below with the new order number. We'd be happy to refund the shipping charges for your bathing suit.

Also, we'll be happy to take back your Liz Lange swim cover-up and give you a full refund for the item's price and all your shipping costs. Just go to our online Returns Center at and follow the instructions for printing a postage-paid mailing label. Once we receive the top, we'll issue a $28.99 credit to your Visa card.

We have very high expectations for anyone representing Target Corporation. I'm sorry that your experience over the phone wasn't in line with our expectations, and I'll pass on your concerns to the supervisory team that can address the issue.

Please visit the following link to write back to us:

Thanks for getting in touch with us. We look forward to your order!"
Krishna Teja D
Online Guest Services

Dealing with Target Drama

This blog is supposed to be about everything baby and the joys of pregnancy.  I realized yesterday (for sure) the regular woes and drama of life don't stop during this happy time.  As many of you know by reading, I have sang Target's praises with their registry incentives and great maternity wear; however, yesterday could possibly my last time ever talking to the Target online people!

Long story short the maternity bath suit top came in the mail.  It was from a different dye lot than the skirt purchased in the store.  Target is a HUGE company, so I know this could happen.  However, there should be some resolution to getting the customer a matching set rather than doing nothing!! 

Below is a summary of my complaint that I sent to an email address on Target's website regarding the lack of customer service they provided.

I do want everyone to know that the Target in West Ashley, SC is WONDERFUL!  They did everything they could to make it right on there end.  The manager was extremely apologetic, and provided me with 4 $3 "I'm sorry" coupons to cover the cost of my shipping if I chose to "try" to get a matching set from online by ordering both pieces from online.  The major issue is the store and online Target are completely separate making the store manager powerless to provide the customer any service recovery or making the situation better. 

Online Complaint (I had to fill in my order number within the contact information. Someone is supposed to respond within 24 hours.  I hope to have this resolved, and I'll update everyone regarding the situation)
"No customer service with this order inquiry. I purchased the bathing suit skirt bottom from the store and the top from your online store. When top arrived, it was from a different dye lot (therefore didn't match).

Went to the store, and the store needed me to call online customer service to refund shipping cost and to see if the online store could send me two matching pieces (I called from the in store customer service area with a Target employee with me to help me with the online rep).
Ruth S was NO HELP! She suggested I just return everything, and she couldn't refund shipping. The store manager said the online rep could refund shipping and was also appalled (as well) at this lack of customer service.
I do not think it is right for an online store to put two pieces online as a set, and then when ordered, they arrive looking different. I ordered the top from online because that is the top that is shown with the skirt as matching (a set) in the photo of the top.
Further, I want the bathing suit (and want a matching set...that is what I paid for). However, Ruth S made no attempt to make me a happy Target Customer. The only suggestion was to return it and I "eat" the shipping. She provided no alternative to getting a matching set (even though I suggested for her to send me both piece from online and waive the shipping...Ruth S stated it was not an option and she "couldn't waive shipping." Again, the store states online does this all the time).
After speaking with her, I asked to speak to the online manager. I was on hold for close to 10 minutes. Ruth S came back to the line and tried to "get me off the phone." I again asked to speak with a manager. The manager, Simone, answered after 10 more minutes of holding and provided no customer service either. Still no resolution, still no offer to get me a matching set, still no offer to waive the shipping expense. The store was absolutely appalled as was I.
I just did a baby registry through Target and have been very impressed with the in-store customer service, but I'm not so sure I want my friends and family purchasing from such a "nasty and unfriendly" place if they are to purchase from online.
I would appreciate being contacted by a manager that is willing to provide a solution to this issue. "

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

22 Weeks along!

I'm feeling pretty pregnant these days!  When I got dressed this morning, Nick said "that outfit makes you look pretty pregnant." My response "every outfit makes me look pretty pregnant."  There is no hiding the fact; it's pretty obvious!

I'm feeling pretty good these days.  I do notice that my "emotions" are a little "thin skinned."  I'm not one to shed a tear, but I get "teary-eyed" (ok, so maybe, I've bawled a few times, but keep that on the DL) over the silliest things.  I must admit when I do cry, it feels so much better!  Great stress reliever, and I need all the stress relieve I can get.  My blood pressure the past few times has been around 140 over 88 (really high for me). Dr. Villers said she won't get concerned until it is consistently high (in the 150s and 160s).

Master Tillman hit 22 weeks today! says "Your baby has stretched to the size of a spaghetti squash and weighs almost a pound. (Length: nearly 11 inches.)"

"Your baby is starting to look like a miniature newborn. His lips, eyelids, and eyebrows are becoming more distinct, and he's even developing tiny tooth buds beneath his gums. His eyes have formed, but his irises (the colored part of the eye) still lack pigment. If you could see inside your womb, you'd be able to spot the fine hair (lanugo) that covers his body and the deep wrinkles on his skin, which he'll sport until he adds a padding of fat to fill them in. Inside his belly, his pancreas — essential for the production of some important hormones — is developing steadily."

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Huggies coupon crazy!

I read numerous couponing blogs, and this weekend each were commenting on how many Huggies coupons are out there right now.  If you use or plan to use Huggies with your child, then it would be silly to go purchase them without a coupon or two!

Here are some links to some wonderful coupons! -$4/2 Huggies Little Movers or Little Snugglers Diapers -$3/1 Huggies Little Movers or Little Snugglers Diapers, $3/1 Snug & Dry Diapers, $2/2 Huggies Baby Wipes (64 ct. or larger), $3/1 Baby Wipes Tub (64 ct. or larger) & 1 Baby Wipes Refill 184 ct.

What are some great baby coupons you know about?  I'd love to hear.

Friday, May 14, 2010

First Shower Invitation

Nick's mom is hosting a shower at the end of the month for us!  The shower has been planned for a while, but invitation creation was waiting for the results of our anatomy ultrasound.  As soon as she got the news, she knew she could go all blue for this shower!  We received the invitation in the mail last Friday (that is why we "booked it" to Target and Babies R Us to register).  It was really neat to see Tillman's full name in print for the first time.  Before, his name has only been in my head and verbally mentioned.  Getting the invitation in the mail made September 21st seem right around the corner and seemed like Master Tillman was being officially introduced to the family!

Reader side note-No, Tillman will not be the Master of our house (well, at least we won't tell him he is.)  Master is how one formally addresses a little boy.  Similar to how Miss is used for a little girl.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

"T Bro's" Closet

On Tuesday night, I went to the Divine Children's Show that came to Charleston (read more here).  The mission was to find some cute outfits for Tillman for a good deal (most items under $35 at the sale, but all items purchase were $26 and under).  The racks were packed!  It was hard to dig through all of it, but I think we came away with some good things.  As my mom kept saying "we can't make it for that!" 

All of the clothes purchased for Tillman are certainly "little bro" style!  I can't wait to see him in these!  I'm going to call him "T Bro" when he is all decked out! 

Here's how "T Bro's" closet is shaping up!
(note about the closet: we live in an older home, which equals very little closet space.  So, pretty much all the closets in our house are filled with mommy and daddy clothes.  Solution: I'm going to get a rack to put Tillman's clothes on.  We've got a loft area upstairs that has nothing in it, so I thought that would be the perfect solution!)

This outfit is my favorite! It's got smocked monkeys on it.
 This is a size 6 mo, so I hope he gets to wear it
before corduroy goes out of season. If not, it's reversible!

This will be his Christmas outfit...probably to all functions.
I'm pretty practical, so I doubt I'll be purchasing one for every function!

This one has smocked Mallard ducks.  Too cute! 
Nick likes the ones with the sleeves, so this one and
the next were his favorite out the bunch!

Love this style outfit! 

This is the smallest outfit (3 mo.).
I'm thinking this might be his "coming home" outfit!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Anatomy Ultrasound Video & Week 21 Update

As you read here and here, we had our anatomy ultrasound on April 30th.  Things have really picked up after knowing little Tillman Alexander was joining our family in September.  Below is a video explaining the scan, the actual ultrasound, and Dr. Donna Johnson (Director, MUSC Maternal-Fetal Medicine) visiting us after reviewing the ultrasound to explain the findings.
If you have trouble viewing YouTube, click here to view the video on

We hit 21 weeks yesterday, so we're a little over halfway there!  It is hard to believe we'll be parents in four months...yikes!  This week Tillman is the length of a carrot and three quarters of a pound according to! also mentioned- "You may soon feel like she's practicing martial arts as he initial fluttering movements turn into full-fledged kicks and nudges. You may also discover a pattern to her activity as you get to know her better. In other developments, your baby's eyebrows and lids are present now."

Since I have an anterior placenta, I'm not feeling much yet from Tillman. Tillman has to kick hard enough for me to feel through the placenta (kind of like he is kicking through a large pillow).  I am feeling lots of new things.  To me, they seem like little twitches, but no defined kicks or punches as of yet!  Also, I know things are getting crowded down there because I have to go to the "potty" every hour it seems (can't wait until he starts kicking the bladder...)! 

They also go to say some wonderful things that moms might be experiencing now-spider veins (a group of tiny blood vessels near the surface of your skin),!  I'm the lucky winner; I certainly have a few of those!  Fortunately, they state these are not harmful.  Also, I am fortunate so far to not have experienced any varicose veins, which pregnant women are more prone. 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Target Registry

First let me say as a follow up to yesterday's post, I did purchase the maternity bathing suit skirt.  They had it in the store.  However, I had to hunt to find it.  It was mixed in with the regular sizes.  I ordered a different bathing suit top than the one pictured in yesterday's post.  I got this one.  Now, just keep your fingers crossed that it gets here on Friday.
I did read the reviews of this bathing suit.  The overall theme is that the material is its "super cheap".  It has been my experience and many have told me that maternity clothing in general is made cheaply, so I just plan to keep that in consideration and rinse it out after going in the pool or ocean and hand-washing it.

Registry....Target is offering some wonderful deals to moms-to-be for registering.  I received a bag of free coupons and samples.  They also told me to visit the pharmacy.  After listening to their "spiel" about why choose Target Rx over all others, they gave us some samples of commonly used things and a voucher for a $10 gift card!!!!! (I used it last night on the bathing suit, so it is legit!) If anything, go register at Target to get your gift card!!

Our Target registry isn't as comprehensive as the Babies R Us registry.  Since Target isn't a baby only store, it does allow you to be more creative.  For example, Nick and I are interested in "grinding" / "blending" up our own baby food.  We registered for the Jack LaLanne Juicer. My friend, Rachel, used a juicer for her son and is still using it today.

Another good reason to register at Target is there are simply more Targets.  If your family and friends scatted about, it is always great to go with a store that everyone has.  Target is a good option.  After looking at Babies R Us' map of stores, they're not in as many towns as I first thought.

Below are a few products that came highly recommended from friends and family to register. 

This timer keeps up with the schedule!  I love structure, so if there is a timer that can tell me when to do something, bring it on!  It even keeps up with which breast to start feeding (L/R...I can't keep up with simple stuff like that as it is!  This will be a life saver)!! 
Here are some of the product review comments:
~"I love the L/R feature for breastfeeding, the backlight is great for nighttime, and the alarm beep is gentle."
~"The 4th button (*) is ingenious, as, having had a C-section, I needed to monitor my pain meds for the first two weeks"
~"I use it more than anything I got for baby. I honestly never realized how quickly time can just slip by and just when you think it's been maybe 30 min since the last feeding, diaper change, etc, you look at the timer and it's been like an hour and a half!"

I follow So Happily Us blog, and after reading her post about her top 10 baby favs, I knew that I was going to register for one of these!  Click on the post to read her review! 

I don't think there has been anyone who said DON'T get this!  Everyone loves the Boppy Pillow.  They are available everywhere, which is great! 

If you're interested in viewing Tillman's Target registry, click here!  Let me know if you have any advice or if there are some products out there that you feel are a "must have!"

Monday, May 10, 2010

Liz Lange-Are you the only one that gets it?

Since it was such a nice day yesterday, Graham (our dog ever!) and I spent some of the day lounging in the sun.  I have heard the warnings about pregnant women and sun.  I made sure to put my sunscreen on and drink plenty of water while outside (with that comes going to the potty every half hour...don't think I'll be going to the beach this summer). 

Since I was in my backyard, I did too much care what I was wearing, so it was an interesting combo to say the least.  I wore a top similar to the below with some brief bathing suit bottoms.  While this was fine for yesterday, I realized that I am probably going to have to break down and purchase a maternity bathing suit.

I got to looking online and let me say a HUGE thank you to Liz Lange!  You get that not all pregnant women have long skinny legs.  Those of us with short and stumpy legs just want to cover them up a little.  Most All the maternity bathing suits I have seen have been tankinis with brief bottoms.  Brief bottoms is where the problem comes in!  Just because I am pregnant doesn't mean that I want to bare my legs to all (I sport a skirt even when not pregnant).  Let my belly hang out that is normal, but not my chunky legs!  I just can't do it ladies.

I'll be purchasing these Liz Lange bottoms!

And possibly this top

Target, please don't disappoint Mrs. Pregnant in the Lowcoutry.  I really would like to have these in stock today when I come by.  I actually need them this weekend...ok? Thanks!

This week to come-we registered this weekend at Target and Babies R Us...what an (ALL DAY)adventure!  We also got our first Shower invitation in the mail!  Things are getting pretty exciting because that means that Master Tillman will be here before we know it!

Friday, May 7, 2010

The "Little Bro Look" is coming!

Nick will be the first to tell you that he doesn't go for the "bro look."  The "bro look" is the typical Charleston guy look with Rainbows, Croakies, madras (seersucker) shorts (too short and too fitted in his opinion), and normally a shirt from Luden's or a bright pink (or other bright color that Nick would NEVER wear)! 

(side note: This City Paper article references the look I am speaking of, and Nick is from Ohio; so it is fitting to reference. However, if you choose to read, don't think I am referencing the entire content of this ridiculous long article.  Caution to my Mother-in-law and Ohioan: the article is about Go Back To Ohio!! ;-))

I tell you all of this to say that Nick won't ever wear the typical "bro look," but he has lightened up....well lightened up a lot when it comes to Tillman.  I'm a Southern girl, so I just can't pass up the "little bro look."

We love bow ties on little boys (ages 2+)!  Nick has the more practical thinking of it won't get as dirty as a tie.  I simply think they are so stinkin' cute!  Check out this pic below from LaRoque.  Tillman will have a few bow ties at this age, and he just might have some seersucker paints or shorts to go along with it too!

Another "little bro look" that Nick has really lightened up about is Jon Jon outfits!  My mom sews, and by Tillman being her fourth grandson, she will be very good at making the cute little Jon Jon outfits until Tillman is ready for the bow ties! 

This is my nephew, Logan!  My mom made his little Peter Rabbit Easter outfit! 

The "Little Bro Look" = Fashion Friday!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tillman's Mom's Quest to Find the BEST Boy Diaper!

For those that know me, you know that I like to shop for a good deal and rarely purchase something not on sale.  Ever since I used to watch Supermarket Sweep in middle school (remember that, what a throw back to the early 90's), I have know that diapers and formula are SUPER expensive.  These are the top items the contestants would run to get to make sure they had the highest total of groceries to win the game! 

I have emailed some of my friends and family that have boys about the best diaper.  Here is what they had to say! 

-Sis-in-law-"Huggies...I also tried Loves, but they leaked :( and if I remember correctly, Pampers was more expensive than Huggies." (Her boys-ages 8 and 6)

-Sis-in-law-"I used LUVS. They worked and are cheaper. I would not stock up on small sizes. I’d start with 1’s and 2’s. Everybody will buy newborns and some 1’s for you. "C" leaked thru Huggies but other boys have done fine.
My experiences were so long ago. I’d say you go through a reg. size pack in a week." (Her boy-age 7) this point I'm 0 for 2.
-Sister-"I enjoy the Pampers Cruiser's, but for infants I used the Swaddler's by Pampers. Swaddlers are in the yellow package. "L" did not skip any sizes. I tried the Wal-Mart brand and I did not like them. They ended up leaking and so did the Target brand. I never tried Huggies diapers, so I am not sure how they work." (Her boy-age 3 and one on the way)
No consensus yet....
-Cousin-""S" was a New Born I LOVED the Pampers Sensitive, I was sad when he grew out of them. They are the ones that the hospital used, they are ultra sensitive and the strip on the front turns colors when wet. The Swaddlers are good too. After about size 2, You will need to test out Pampers vs. Huggies. My fav is Huggies Naturals they are so super soft. Huggies are best if the child is allergic to scents. Pampers and Luvs have a scent (which I love), but Huggies fit the best. Overall I say Sensitive until size 3 and Huggies (any type) after. I was advised to use a size larger and the higher end (Pampers, Huggies) ones at night to avoid leaks. During the day they don't leak usually.
I'd by 3 size 1 and 3 size 2 and them you can just buy 5-8 size 3 and as many size 4 and 5 you would like. Size 1 and 2 are newborn usually and then he will slow down and not change sizes so quickly. Just remeber they will always let you exchange for another size, so stock up to your hearts desire. I collected a ton and only exchange like two packages of size one." (GREAT TIP!) (Her boy-age 2)
-Friend-"I liked the Huggies newborn. The Pampers Swaddlers are also a good to use. You want to look for the one that has the umbilical grove in the diaper. Remember, in the beginning, Tillman is going to grow so don’t stock up too much on the newborn. "E" transitioned pretty quickly to stage 1." (Her boy-age 1)
So, it sounds like its Pampers vs. Huggies.  There seems to be an overwhelming consensus on the Pampers Swaddlers, so I think I'll start with those since those are the newborn ones. 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Week 20...Halfway there!!

At 5 months pregnant, it hardly feels like we are halfway there (shouldn't we be a little over halfway).  No one told me that you're technically pregnant for 10 months.  What is the 9 months stuff all about?  When I do hit month 10, I am going to tell people I am 10 months pregnant. I'm sure I'll get a reaction or two!

I am feeling pretty good.  Still pretty tired, and lately I have been more hungry.  I hear I should gain a pound a week from here on out (yippee!). 

Here's what I am looking like at week 20.  In this pictures and for pictures to come, I'll be sporting my friend, Jennifer's, clothes.  I got a box in the mail and another box over the weekend of maternity clothes.  This has been a huge help and savings!!  I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe!

Here's what Tillman looks like....well at least his length.

Here's what had to say about week 20:
"Your baby weighs about 10 1/2 ounces now. He's also around 6 1/2 inches long from head to bottom and about 10 inches from head to heel — the length of a banana. (For the first 20 weeks, when a baby's legs are curled up against his torso and hard to measure, measurements are taken from the top of his head to his bottom — the "crown to rump" measurement. After 20 weeks, he's measured from head to toe.)

He's swallowing more these days, which is good practice for his digestive system. He's also producing meconium, a black, sticky by-product of digestion. This gooey substance will accumulate in his bowels, and you'll see it in his first soiled diaper (some babies pass meconium in the womb or during delivery)."

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ultrasound Anatomy Scan Level 2 Ultrasound

Friday was our big day at the MUSC Prenatal Wellness Center for the Ultrasound Anatomy Scan.  I thought I would tell you a little more about the scan beyond finding out the sex of the baby (It's a BOY!).  The scan's main purpose is to rule out most anomalies and birth defects.  We had a 4D ultrasound (the fourth dimension is movement).
This is an excerpt from What to Expect.
"The ultrasound anatomy scan, or level 2 ultrasound, is an amazingly interesting experience for parents-to-be. Your baby will be measured from crown to rump (and what a cute rump it is!), around her middle, around her head — and that's just for starters. The four chambers of the heart will be viewed, as well as the kidneys, bladder, stomach, brain, spine, and sex organs (be sure to tell your sonographer if you don't want to know what he or she sees — or doesn't see!).
Measurements are taken to make sure your baby is growing appropriately (and that his or her gestational age is still on target). A survey of the organs, including the umbilical cord, ensures that they are developing normally (or identifies any potential problems as soon as possible). The sonographer will also be looking at your amniotic fluid levels, the location of the placenta, and the fetal heart rate. Settle in to enjoy the show: The detailed level 2 scan can take 30 to 45 minutes (depending on how cooperative your little one wants to be during the photo shoot)."

Juli, our sonographer, explaining the scan.  (Excuse the unedited version. I can't figure out how to edit on my Flip Video. It keeps telling me not enough room on the camcorder even when I try to save it to the computer...)

Check out the "cool" 3D photos and other movements of Tillman.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Funnies from Friday

Friday was a very fun and exciting day!  We got to finally see our little guy, Tillman, and start planning for his arrival.  Most of Friday was spent at the doctor's office (1-3:30), texting while at stop lights to tell our news, rushing home to get on the computer to update everyone (no I don't have a blackberry or iPhone...grounds for divorce in my house), and then heading to my home town for the weekend to visit the folks and to go to homecoming at my church.

Funny Ultrasound Moments:
Not two minutes into the ultrasound Tillman has his fingers showing #1 (pointer finger up).  We know we have trouble on our hands if he already knows he is #1.  It was really cute to see him make little movements and gestures.

I seem to have a problem with ALWAYS having a FULL bladder when I get on the table (even when I just go to the bathroom).  You could really see my badder on the ultrasound.  WOW, it was FULL!!

I wanted to make sure Tillman was moving and make sure we could see everything.  Before the ultrasound, I purchased a Mountain Dew and SweetTarts!  It worked!!  He was extremely active.

Dr. Villers patients have only had boys lately.  The only girls her patients have had are the people who transfer care midway through pregnancy.  She told us up front if we wanted a girl, we aren't going to have any luck with her.  Well, we continue the tradition!

Here's a thing we heard:
For this comment keep in mind we have all boys in our family...very different from the previous generations (my brother was the only boy, my dad was the only boy with 6 sisters, my mom only had one brother, Nick's mom only had one brother, Nick was the only boy, etc...).
My mom: "well, it looks like we're going to have a football team!"  Tillman will be my parents' fourth grandson and Nick's parents' 3rd grandson.  My sister is due 10 days before me, so we thought for sure one of us would have a girl.

Below is an email Nick received while we were at the doctor's office, but since I don't have a "smart" phone, I couldn't update until 4PM on Facebook.  Warning to all Mrs. Pregnants in the Lowcountry who don't have a "smart" phone--don't tell your friends your appointment time.  They want to know the news 15 minutes after the appointment. 

Date: Fri, Apr 30, 2010 at 3:37 PM
Subject: Message for Meredith

Please tell her she has practically incited a Facebook riot by not posting an update.

Below, is a copy and paste from Facebook
Allie › Meredith: the suspense is killing me..... do we have a Tillman or a Caroline!?!

Me too, Allie!

Me three!

I have to stop checking her page, it's really too much. Haha - I just want to know! Meredith, do you not have an iPhone? Get the info up! :)

You're not alone...I keep checking too! Can't get work done for wanting to know... I know Nick has a Blackberry, but if I remember right, Meredith isn't that high tech yet! So...NICK I KNOW YOU"RE NOT ON FACEBOOK, BUT UPDATE YOUR LOVELY WIFE'S FACEBOOK STATUS. There, maybe he heard it!