Friday, May 24, 2013

32 months 5.12.13

Loves his bow tie!
What's that noise?  This is Tillman's favorite question. He ask it every other minute. I think he just likes asking the question.  However, he did go to the ENT this month to get his ears checked out. One of his tubes had fallen to the ear canal, so that ear is completely healed and functioning properly.  The other ear still has the tube in place, but Dr. White states that it will likely fall to the canal as the other tube did.  The tube wasn't the only thing they pulled from his ear.  Tillman had tons of wax build up. When I saw it come out of the ear, it made me feel like a bad mother. On one side, it was a pea size ball that come out. When thinking about his question, "What's that noise," I wonder if his hearing is just heightened since he got his ears cleaned.
Waiting for the ENT
When he went to the ENT, he spent the afternoon at my office. He was really good.  I think he was excited that I let him play with a stapler and scissors  Who knew that would keep him entertained for 2 hours! Of course I was watching him with those items, I think he enjoyed them so, as they are generally "no no" items.
Tillman even had the chance to go to daddy's work too this month. He was out two days from school this month due to a high fever. We didn't go to the doctor, as he didn't have any other symptoms. He always has fun when he goes with daddy to work, as he gets to ride the tractor, catch up with "the guys," and be his daddy's best bud.  Just this morning, he requested to go to work with daddy. I can see it now when he gets to school age, he will fake being sick just to get to go to work with daddy!
Playing with scissors and
paper at Mommy's Office
Tillman is still being "recognized" by others when it comes to his agility.  When we went to a birthday party, Tillman was able to climb up the jump castle without assistance. The parent was amazed.  We don't think much of it, but when at parties we can tell he is a little bit ahead. Nick made a good point the other day. Most kids are growing a rapid speeds. Tillman has been the same weight (roughly) for a year and is about to wear the same summer clothes as last year (with a few exceptions).  Tillman has had time to adjust to his size, so he is able to be a little more coordinated. As where other kids are growing a rapid rates, and it is kind of like wearing clown shoes...they just can't get used to their size since they are growing. We think Tillman will be small.  I think we are going to look into him being a Jockey! We live in horse country, so I think that sounds like a plan.
Fam Jam with buddy,Cole. Playing with
bubble although it looks like he ate them.
Tillman is also starting to be scared of the dark. This seems to have started over the past month. He has always had a night light in his room.  He doesn't like to go to our den if the lights are not on, and Nick turned out the hall light when Tillman was upstairs, and he started to whine about it being dark.  Too funny. I have no idea what triggered this, but he certainly doesn't like it all of a sudden.
Jump Castle with his fireman badge!
The fireman told him to be a good fireman
he needs to listen to mommy! 
Potty training is...going...I guess.  He will pee in the potty any day, but when it comes to the other, he will NOT! Tillman will beg to go "play outside," "water the plants," anything to go outside to do his business.  He also will only pee at school, so when he gets home, I'm sure he is uncomfortable.  Well yesterday, I let him out the front door to go water some plants, and I'll be darn if he didn't leave a gift for me on the front porch! :-)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

9 months 5.20.13

"Rub Adub Dub my baby in the tub"...
That's what Daddy sings to me!
See how long my "do" is without curls!
This month has been filled with sickness for our house hold. April started off with mommy in the hospital for kidney stones, Tillman staying home for fever for a few days, Daddy not feeling well and missing work, and Caroline with the stomach bug for two weeks! Poor Caroline started off with a fever for a day, and then threw up for two weeks. As soon as we thought she was better, she would throw up again. She just started eating food again after 3 weeks. Her whole daycare room had the mess. She was sent home 3 times in two weeks. Poor thing lost 2 lbs during all of it, but she is on the mend and eating like crazy now!  

Watching big brother play in the water...
AND chewing on the side of the tub!
It is funny with the second child, we didn't rush to the doctor as we did with Tillman. We are learning (and saving money) what the doctor would say. Plus it is much easier to get a "sidewalk consult" with your nurse friends then to drag the whole family to the doctor. With a GI bug, what the doctor will say is as long as she has 3 wet diapers in a 24 hour period she is fine. If not, then they'd have to give her fluids and some anti-nausea medication. Caroline had the 3 wet diapers, so we were good to go!  Her poor bottom was blistered from all of the bug effects too.
Curly after bath time!
After getting better, she is eating 3 food meals a day. She had yogurt for the first time last night and loved it!  Another great thing, she doesn't seem to mind green beans and squash anymore! She is also enjoying puffs!  Her hand to mouth coordination is improving, so she can pound those back while I get her meal prepared. She'd love to help with the spoon.  Caroline seems to be a "do it myself" type girl, so I'm sure it won't be long until she will want to feed herself (oh, the mess to come!).
Riding in daddy's truck
Caroline's sleep patterns have changed as well. She used to sleep through the night, but since the GI bug was keeping her up at night, she now wakes up around 2A or 3A. This makes for one tired momma!  This little girl knows how to stand up in her crib. She has even knocked the monitor off the side of the crib and pulls on the mobile. It is time to lower the mattress, as it won't be long until she is toppling out of it!  She can really work herself up in a "tizzy" if you don't get to her fast during those nightly wake ups.  I attempted to let her cry it out last night, but she wasn't having it. After about an hour, I went up to get her. Well she had a bad diaper, and her poor bottom was all red.  Don't you know that made this mommy feel really bad!  
This is the "I'm not tired look" and it is 9PM!
Speaking of sleeping, she also is tuning into a night owl. She used to be ready for bed around 8, and now she  feeds and isn't going right to sleep. She has been staying up until 9:30. We've got to work on her sleep schedule. It is crazy how wide awake she is at that hour.  She really doesn't take many naps during the day, so she must just be her daddy's child with not requiring that much sleep.  That may be good for her, but her mommy needs lots of sleep, and she is wearing me out!
Fam Jam in Marion Square
Caroline continues to be our "easy going" child. She is often just a long for the ride. She will generally go to anybody that will hold her. Over the weekend, we were at a family function (=mommy break time) and all of her cousins and aunts were holding her. Everyone commented on how content she was. She didn't cry or get scared by not seeing a familiar face. Also at daycare drop off she will generally crawl right in the room and begin playing. One day I had to take Tillman to the doctor, so I popped in to her room to say "hi" to her. She came over and loved on me. When it was time to go, I put her down and she crawled right back to the carpet and began playing again.
Sick day for Daddy and Caroline
Our crawler continues to get into Graham water every chance she gets, but recently she has been making her way into the bathroom and heading straight for the toilet. I've caught her playing in it numerous times. She is always on a mission to some place to make a mess or to a "danger" spot AKA steps!  She is very good with getting up steps, but going down is a challenge and someone certainly needs to be near.  She has made it up 3 steps on the stair case, and lost her footing and fell.  She has also crawled to our den steps (slate flooring) and has had a few close calls!  All of her crawling and pulling up has led to bruises on her knees, face and arms. 
Caroline and Cici during her morning nap!
Caroline is a walker in training. She loves to use the walk-behind toys to get around. She also love moving around on two feet if you hold her hands. She seems so proud of herself to be moving around, but if her eye catches something she wants fast, she drops to her knees and starts crawling to get it!  
As she is a walker in training, she is also a talker in training too!  She loves to say momma.  This is different than Tillman as he always said da da!  

Caroline's 9mo Stats
Teeth-3! She cut an upper tooth this month that she loves to grind with her two bottoms. When she eat her puffs she tries to line up her teeth to chew it...pretty cute!
Diapers-size 2
Clothing-6 months. Sleepers are no longer "ok" for daycare, as she gets all tangled in them, so we've been putting on more separates to make sure she has freedom to move!
Bow size-the bigger the better!
Shoes-not really wearing them since it warmed up, but I think 6-9 months.
Feedings-Mommy milk (morning and night), Similac during daycare, jar food (3 times), oatmeal, and puffs!

Mommy and Me Photo Session

For Mother's Day, Caroline and I had a "girls morning" and went to have our pictures "made." It was a fun time. Caroline enjoyed the camera, but she didn't too much enjoy staying in one place for long. She wanted to get on her knees and go! Here's a few from the photo session.
This was my dress when I was her age...32 years ago!
Love those chunky thighs! (not mine...hers!)
Life of the party!
Ready to walk!
Kissy Kissy
Just the girls!
Crawling after the camera
Everything goes straight to the mouth!
Blue Eyes and Curls!