Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday Woes

DISCLAIMER: First, let me say "I AM SPOILED!"  I know this, so I tend to complain because I have it good...very good and haven't had to experience the "other side." 

I'm going to complain and whine BECAUSE this poor spoiled brat has had a rough past few days.

My lovely husband (who rarely travels for work, has a home office, took care of our son for 3 months after I went back to work-involved daddy, does the majority of the cleaning, is an awesome cook, walks the dog and on and on and on...I am sure I'm missing some other great things the hubs does.) has been working before sunrise until after dark this week.  This working until after dark isn't usual, but it is normally at the "home office," so he is still home, and we can still visit with him.  Man, mommy has been having a rough time...Tillman too!  I have a HUGE appreciation for those single parents out there. 

This picture reminds me of how I've felt for the past few days (Tillman by default because he has to put up with me in daddy's absents).

It even further makes me laugh because of what Tillman's shirt says "Future CEO."  This picture was taken in Nick's home office, and Nick own a landscaping company with his dad. It would seem likely that if it is Tillman's wishes that he'd be the "Future CEO." 
Then there's the thought that Tillman isn't concerned about the long hours at all and is smarter than we think...maybe he is just concerned about the economy!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The doctor said "don't be alarmed, mom, but..."

"Tillman has pneumonia."
An hour after I blogged about Tillman's 6 month well visit, I get a call from Nick saying the daycare called.  Tillman had a temp of 102.2, and they requested he be picked up.  We, of course, thought it was due to his 6 month shots (4 shots at this visit), but I scheduled a doctor's appointment anyways...good thing because 2 hours in the doctors office with a breathing treatment, another shot, oral antibiotic and testing for RSV concluded that Tillman had pneumonia (pneumococcal pneumonia that is/was superimposed over a virus aka daycare crud). We saw a great physician, Dr. Clifford (going to switch to him from now on).  He gave us his cell phone number and told me that it is always with him and to call no matter the hour.  He called to check on Tillman on Friday night, and ended his call with "give Tillman a hug for me."  On Saturday night, Tillman's fever spiked again, and I was getting worried because it was getting late (new mom here...never had a sick child before).  I broke down and called dear Dr. Clifford.  He "triaged" Tillman over the phone.  He told me what to do and to call back if things didn't get better and we'd reassess!  When calling, I was ready to go to the ER, but he talked us through it and was really calm.  Again he ended the call with "give my little buddy a hug for me!"
Tillman is doing much better!  He went to daycare on Monday since he was fever free from 24 hours (that's the rule).  Nick and I agreed not to tell the daycare ladies that Tillman had pneumonia...didn't want to freak them out.  I just told them he had an infection and he was on antibiotics.  He still has his terrible cough, stuffy nose, and watery eyes going on.  He's had this since March 1st.  We sure hope April brings a stronger immune system to our household!  Tillman and I have been to the doctor twice in March, and Nick has been 5 times.

Friday, March 18, 2011

6 Months 3.12.11

Tillman spent his 6 month birthday in Lexington.  We went for my cousin's wedding.  It ended up being just Tillman and me, since Nick was sick.  This was also the first time Nick had been away from Tillman, and the first time I had traveled alone with Tillman.  The traveling went well, and he slept for the full two hours.  We were able to get the car unloaded and him inside my parents house before waking up (the coo coo clock got him...he immediately awoke to that noise). 
Tillman got to see a lot of my side of the family.  Many of these folks we had not seen since Christmas.  Tillman had some sucking up to do to these people since he screamed his head off at Christmas.  He got to show them that he was a happy baby after all! 

Tillman has had a busy March....
First, he was introduced to the yucky germs at daycare, which lead to the entire family being sick.  We all still have the stuffy noses going.  It is just a virus, so we're letting it run its course.

He has really gotten settled into his new routine...going to daycare everyday.  He no longer cries when we "hand him over" in the morning.  He is, however, very spoiled and knows that he is the first to be picked up in the afternoon.  If another child gets picked up before him, he wants to go with them and cries.  He knows that when a person comes in, one of the babies gets to go out, and he always wants it to be him.  He still has not adjusted to being in one room all day long...he's used to being on the go.

Tillman also has a new routine with eating.  We've replaced one of his bottles with food!  Nick and I have been making his baby food in the Beaba Babycook.  He has had green beans, pears, squash, and carrots so far.  I've enjoyed cooking his food, and Tillman has certainly enjoyed eating.  He gets rather impatient while eating.  As soon as the spoon is out of his mouth, he is whining and beating the high chair tray for more.

Developmentally, Tillman has had a HUGE month.  Our drooling monster has his first tooth, and his second one is about to make its appearance very soon (pictures to come soon on this, but its hard to capture)!  Also, Tillman is rolling over a lot and is sitting up for short periods.  He hasn't quite grasped that nothing is supporting him from behind.  He will just "fling" himself backward...really hard.  We really have to be careful because I am pretty sure he could give himself a concussion or something if he hit the floor (wow, wouldn't we get parents of the month if that happened)!

Yesterday, St. Patrick's Day, Tillman had his 6 month check up.  The daycare ladies wanted to make sure we remembered his green, so he wouldn't get pinched.  However, Tillman got more than just pinched yesterday....he got 4 shots! 

At the appointment the doctor encouraged us to get the house "baby proofed."  She said she estimates we have 4 weeks to do so...guess we need to get busy with that. He was "released" to eat pretty much any type of food (expect peanut butter, strawberries and eggs), so I think we're going to increase his eating to two meals a day.  She also expects him to be crawling by the next appointment at nine months (pressure's on Tiny T).

Tillman's Stats
Weight-16 lbs 2 oz (23rd percentile)
Height-25.75 inches (23rd percentile)
Head Circumference-17 inches (31st percentile)

So, we don't call him Tiny T for nothing; he's on the small side.  I'm ok with that. 

Random Stats
Diaper Size-2 (Little Snugglers)
Clothing Size-3-6 months (0-3 pants are still fitting!)
Food-Momma milk and one meal (food) a day
Sleeping-through the night, in his crib, and still in his bunting suit
Teeth-one in and one on the away...drooling like crazy
Sounds-cooing, making raspberries, high pitch squeaks
Play-Jumperoo, Bumbo, stroller walks, standing, tummy time
New buddies-Graham
STOP with the pictures already! 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oh, we have a dog?

Over the past couple of weeks, Tillman has really started to "notice" Graham.  Before, Tillman wouldn't pay Graham much attention.  Graham would sniff him and go away; the interaction was short.  Now, Tillman gets really excited when Graham is around.  Not sure Graham likes Tillman's attention. 

To get Graham "warmed-up" to Tillman, we've started letting Tillman give Graham treats.  We set the treat on the exersaucer while Tillman is playing, and tell Graham to get his treat.  He really has to be encouraged to get the treat, since he is so "skittish" around Tillman.  Once he gets his treat, he runs off.  Tillman just love Graham getting close (literally, in his face).

This is Tillman greeting Graham when Nick got home one night.  Truth be told, Graham just wanted to be petted by Nick, but he was willing to get close since Tillman was in his "master's" lap!

This video is the same, but I am posting it for Tillman's Mimi who can't see the YouTube version.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tillman Has Been Initiated Into Day Care

Mimi-thanks for the outfit!
Tillman thinks it wears and "taste" good!
On Tillman's third week of day care, he is officially initiated.  I can't believe the initiation process took that long!  The other kids in his "class," I guess, were not sure if they wanted to "share."

Tillman is part of the day care gang with a snotty nose, sneezing, watery eyes and a temp of 99.6!

He's pretty resilient to the effects of the "crud." He still managed to find a smile, stick out his tongue and show off his belly!