Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hip Hop Star

Tillman and I were in daddy's truck trying to figure out what his XM radio number was, as the XM trial ran out.  We got out the house, so daddy could take a nap.  However, once we got to the truck the XM was magically working. Tillman was enjoying the music, the change in the cup holder, and being in the front seat.  (*Of course we weren't driving)  Tillman loves to stand up in the seat and be in the car.

These videos of Tillman listening to his Hip Hop.  Most parents have their children listening to Barney and Wheels on the Bus, but Tillman is grooving to LMFAO (don't judge!).

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

First Hair Cut

On a whim Saturday, we went and got Tillman's first hair cut. He's been long over due for a "real" hair cut.  We knew it was getting bad when people would ask "did you cut the back of his hair?"  I guess it looked like I did if they asked.  I'll keep my day job since cutting hair is not my forte.
Nick called Amber (she cuts our hair) and left a message, and she called us back while we were in Target, and said she could do it in 15 minutes. We checked out at Target and headed over.

Tillman checking out the booster seat

Tillman and Amber getting read for the cut

T ditched to booster and opted to stand

Check out how long that hair is on the top!

Tillman being really still...he's a smart boy
to be still around a woman with SCISSORS!

Loved playing with the comb

Here's his baby locks.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

14 months 11.12.11

Tillman at the Pumpkin Patch
Mr. T was 14 months old on Saturday.  Nick and I were actually away for this "birthday."  This was our first time away without one of us being with Tillman.  Nick and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary on 11.10.11, and we headed to Chicago and the Purdue vs OSU game (Purdue BEAT OSU in overtime...wonderful game).  Tillman was in great hands.  Cici, my mom, and Aunt Sylvia came down to keep Tillman Friday through Sunday.  

Nick and Me at Purdue Game 11.12.11

Before going out of town, I was giving my mom the run down of Tillman's routine.  I realized after explaining everything,  A LOT has to be done for this child! 
Here it goes:
  • Tillman gets an 8oz bottle (8oz milk, 20 drops of Echinacea) and his first round of antibotics when he wakes.
  • 8:30AM, Tillman should be ready for breakfast (grits, waffles, yogert, cereal, oatmeal, etc are options)
  • 10AM is snack time-water in sippy cup with gold fish or some type cracker
  • 11:30AM is lunch time-we had things in the frig he could eat.
  • 11:45AM is nap time-8oz bottle.  When at home to set the "nap time" tone, put him in his sleep sack and go into the bedroom to give him his bottle.  Once he finishes bottle, he should know that it is "nap time."
  • Sleeps from then until 1:30 or 2PM usually
  • 2PM snack time-water in sippy cup with gold fish or some type cracker
  • 6PM dinner time
  • 7PM bed time routine (bath, diaper, brush teeth, nose spray, dress in sleep sack, etc) and then 8oz bottle (8oz milk, 20 drops of Echinacea, and Zyrtec) and his second round of antibotics before bed.
  • Sleeps 7PM - ~6:30AM
So, as you can tell by the routine, this child gets a lot of meds and herbs (we didn't even put herbal ear drops on the list), he has been fighting ear infections left and right.  We are trying every remedy out there before going to ear tubes.  We'll evaluate ear tubes at the end of the year once we've given these things a chance to work.
Also, you can tell by his schedule that he really does love his bottle.  No, we haven't given up the bottle yet.  Tillman LOVES it.  He doesn't use a pacifier or have a blanket, so I guess if he is stuck on the bottle, then that is his thing. We have transitioned to sippy cup for snack times, but will not drink milk from a sippy cup.  He really doesn't like to drink anything but water and milk (juices have so far been a "no thanks!").

Funny story from the weekend:
Tillman was put down for a nap.  He wasn't ready to go to bed, so he played around in the crib for a while.  When mom went to check on him, he took off his socks and pants and threw them out of the crib.  I guess he was hot?

Tillman is developing his little personality.  Independent would certainly rise to the top as one of his strongest characteristics.  He doesn't like to be tied down-doesn't enjoy the carseat or stroller.  We've gone to the wagon for walks and for the car....well...we just wrangle him into the carseat (yes, I've been kicked in the face by this child getting him into the carseat).  Mr. Independent *hates* getting his diaper changed as well.  As soon as we lift him to the changing table, he knows what is coming.  It is pretty much a war while we get the diaper changed each time.  Unsure why this is....maybe potty training will happen faster with his independent personality?
His independence has also been shown in his social skills.  He can now point to things he wants and go get things in reach that he'd like (ex: gold fish sitting by the high chair...he stands on his tippy toes to get them...not always a good thing).  He uses pointing a lot...not just for food.  When he is "talking" to us, of course we don't understand what he's talking about, but he often points to things, so now we can communicate better.  An example of him pointing while playing is, he will come over to you if you are sitting near the couch, he'll point at the couch, which means he wants to climb up you to get to the couch (once on the couch he loves to jump and do all things children shouldn't be allowed.)

14 month old Tillman has also brought the love of "rough housing."  He likes to wrestle, jump on furniture, slide down the slide head-first...this kids has no fear. 

Tillman and Nick checking out the farm animals
at Legare Farms after visiting the pumkin patch
This Independent, Rough-housing, 14 month old's stats:
Weight: ~22lbs
Diaper size: 3-Little Movers during the day and size 4 at night
Clothing size: 12-18 month, but it varies by brand
Shoe size: 4.5 (or 12-18 mo size)
Food: Drinking whole milk and eating more table food. Drinking water from a sippy cup and gets bottle at night and early morning.
Naps:1.5-2 hour naps
Sounds: Chatter box...loves to talk!
Playing: Walking, playing outside, wagon rides, dirt, climbing/jumping on couch, loves these tunnels they play with at daycare, and drawing/coloring with crayons

Thursday, November 10, 2011

This is how we roll...

The time change is killing me!  We get home in the 5 o'clock hour, and it's already dark.  I know, I've only had 30 years to get used to it, but it just gets me every year. 
Tillman went to the MUSC Children's After Hours Care last night, so we got home past dark.  He had another double ear infection and weighed in at 22.5 lbs.  Poor guy, he can't catch a break on the ears. 
When we got home, I was looking at all the stuff I had to tote into the house from the car...clearly it was two or three trips-worth.  For those of you who don't know, we're country folks (live on 6 acres in a small town (one stoplight) outside of Charleston, SC).  Our garage is not attached to our house, and you have to walk a good ways (especially seems like a long way in the rain). 
So, this is how we roll...

My purse, two jackets, lunch box,
bag of junk, the mail, carseat, and T
P.S. Yes, Tillman is still in an infant seat.  This one last until 35 pounds. He'll be in it as long as possible, and will stay rear facing as long as possible.  Just had to put that out there, as I've received several "looks" when people see an almost 14 month old in an infant seat.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween 10.31.2011

Trying on his costume before the big day!
Tillman was a puppy for Halloween!  Although this was his second Halloween, it was really the first one since he was such a little one last year (His first Halloween will always be special because this was the first time he smiled!).  
His little tail wagged as he walked...too cute!
10.31.11 was a big day for Tillman. It started off with a ENT appointment at MUSC Children's Hospital.  Tillman was evaluated for tubes.  Dr. White thinks he is a good candidate for them, so we are evaluating the procedure to make sure it is the right decision for us.
After the doctor appointment, he headed to daycare.  They had a Halloween parade, a fall festival/ party, and went Trick or Treating room to room.  Tillman came home with a sack full of candy (for mommy and daddy!).
Woof Woof!
After daycare, we headed to our old neighborhood, Summertrees, on Johns Island to go Trick or Treating. The neighborhood was packed with kids, and the streets were crazy with mini vans, golf carts, and kiddos in costumes!
The only way all three boys would stop for the picture.
"Ok..everyone hold on to the noodle!"
Tillman was along for the ride in the wagon, but we enjoyed tagging along with the "big" boys-the pirate and Woody while they went door to door!
Hey... I'm surfing.
Check out Tillman's Trick or Treat sack...
it glows in the dark too (thanks CiCi)
Tillman enjoys riding in his wagon, but sadly he didn't make it out the front yard in his wagon, as he did a back flip out the back because he loves to STAND while he's being pulled (I see an ER visit in our future). The flip didn't phase him since his costume had so much padding.
Trick or Treat
We opted for the safer wagon with SEAT BELTS.  He road along with Graham (the monkey). 
Yippy...I'm up way past my bed time!
After Trick or Treating, we headed to Seabrook for a Halloween/Birthday party.  Tillman stayed up way past his bed time, 9PM! He got a King Size candy bar at the Seabrook stop which filled up his Trick or Treat sack that Cici made!  When we got in the car to come home, Tillman was literally DOG-TIRED!