Friday, September 23, 2011

Party Pics-Tillman's 1st Birthday Party

Tillman's birthday shirt
made by Cici
Tillman's "stage" all set up and ready for T & his CAKE!

Tillman's 1st birthday was a duck theme.
This punch was labled "duck bath"

A few of the horderves: duckling dip, quacktastic veges
and fruit (see the duck tracks on the table?)

Tillman's SMASH CAKE
Made with love by Daddy
(mommy wrote on it)

Adult cake with Tillman's engraved knife to be used for all his
birthdays and one day wedding!

Right before diving in....
Tillman just tasted it, but was more interested
in getting his hands dirty!

Love opening wrapped gifts

Tillman taking matter into his own hands with his
Boilermaker hat on!
Mr. Independent opening his Cars toy!

Mommy and Tillman!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

12 months 9.12.11

Getting his finger pricked for the lead and iron test.
Didn't even cry and was a good bleeder!
Our toddler visited Dr. Clifford for his one year check up.  He got a "clean bill of health;" his iron was a little low. We were glad to hear that he had clear ears (finally).  Dr. Clifford said that we could try to get him off of Zyrtec and see how he tolerates it.  I think we're going to wait until we feel like the allergy season is done before we do that though.
We discussed some of our concerns with daycare with the doctor.  TV has always been a huge dislike for us. He moved to a new class this week in daycare.  This room has a TV.  Although very small and way up in the air, it is on some parts of the day, and we feel it is used as a (potitially) babysitter. When Nick went to pick up Tillman, the "substitute" teacher had the kids sitting at the table, she was reading a magazine, and the kids were watching the TV (no toys in front of them or anything). Of course that didn't go over well to see this, but Dr. Clifford reassured us that Tillman didn't strike him as one of those kids that is going to be captivated by the TV.  He said some children he worries about, but by the way Tillman was expressing himself in the exam room (absolutely bouncing off the walls!), he wasn't concerned. Although, it doesn't excuse the situation at the daycare, Dr. Clifford did make us feel better about our situation.

This is only a still shot of
Tillman, the busy body!
(singing, dancing, wiggling, giggling...)
The transition to this new room has been rough on us all-Tillman, the new teachers/class, Nick and me!  We were told on a Thursday that he'd move the following Monday to a new class.  They don't transition slowly (like let him meet the teachers, spend an afternoon in that class, etc)...just cold turkey!  We asked him how we as parents could help with this transition.  My natural reaction is to drop him off as late as possible and pick him up as soon as possible, but that isn't practical!  Dr. Clifford suggested us dropping him off quick! Nick thought he would get a chance this morning to try it out, but Tillman was asleep in his car seat, so I'm anxious to find out how he responded when he woke.  I'm probably going to call the daycare soon to get a report (no, I can't wait until pick up time!)!

Ouch lady!
Dispite all efforts to combat the immunization fever (Advil before his shots and consistently after), Tillman woke up with a 102 fever.  Tiny T got to play hookie from daycare, which I'm sure he was stoked about! He actually ran the fever consistently all day long.  He received the Hib, PCV, and 1/2 of the flu shot (since he is too young for a full shot or the nasal mist). I called the doctor's office to make sure the fever was normal.  The poor child was burning up and the Advil was not helping. When 3pm rolled around and he vomited, I called back.  They didn't return my call until 7pm, and by that time we were at the MUSC Children's After Hours Care being seen.  Dr. Baker did several test and all came back negative.  He said it was solely related to the shots, but we did discover that the dosage on Advil the bottle isn't the right amount when looking at his weight.  I wasn't given him enough each time.  They gave him a dose of Motin before we left (not sure how much of it went down the hatch because he was fussy and spitting it out). 

102 Fever Boy!
After leaving there, we stopped by to visit with Greg, Nick's friend. He is very in-tuned to people's energy (I'm sure this has a title), so he offered to take a look at Tillman. Tillman was really fussy and just uncomfortable.  As soon as Greg touched Tillman, he went silent and genuinely looked "at peace." Greg said he sensed that Tillman's liver and spleen were having trouble, but that is normal when  processing/ fighting/ building immunity when given a vaccine. When we got home, Tillman was very sweaty since his fever broke.  NOW....I don't know if it was the Motin or what Greg did, but Tillman was doing much better and was fever free! 

Tillman's 12 month stats:
Weight: 21.15 lbs (25th percentile)
Height: 29.5 inches (41st percentile)
Head Circumference: 17.9 inches (24th percentile)
BMI: 17
Diaper size: 3-Little Movers
Clothing size: 12-18 month, but it varies by brand
Shoe size: 3--doesn't walk in shoes...only bare feet.
Food: Drinking whole milk and eating cutting up small piece of food (banana, mango, melons) and eating more table food.  Drinking from a sippy cup and gets bottle at night and early morning.
Naps: In the new classroom, naps are taken at 11AM...Tillman will take an hour nap.
Sounds: New word/sound is "ut oh." He's still saying DaDa, BaBa, Bye Bye, and MaMa.
Playing: WALKING!!!!!, busting off child-proof locks, crawling when he needs to get some place fast!

Monday, September 12, 2011

12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days....Happy Birthday Tillman!

Dear Tillman,
You're a 1 year old today!  Happy Birthday, buddy!  I can't believe you've grown so fast.  It seems like just yesterday we were bringing home a 5 lb 13 oz health baby boy.  To be honest, we really didn't know what we were doing. Of course, we'd seen a baby before, but none that were ours 24/7.  You were your daddy's first diaper change, and you were a whole lot of first for us in other areas as well.  Most of all, on 9.12.10, you made your dad and I proud parents for the first time! 
You'll come to find the mommy worries a lot (but it's because I want the best for you....don't worry--daddy balances me out, he's cool as a'll see), and who knew that it (the worrying that is) could be taken to a whole other level with Tiny T in our lives.  We want only best for you and have tried to provide the best possible first year. Daddy and I have watched and cheered with excitment every move, gesture, development, etc you've made/done, and we are so proud of you.
Tillman, you've accomplished a ton in a year: lifting your head, rolling over, stitting, standing, army crawl, crawling, walking, learning a few words, gained your unique personality and eating from "mommy milk" to solid soft foods and regular milk. (I'm sure I'm leaving out a bunch of milestones, but it happened so fast!)
This love that your daddy and I have for you is one that we've never felt before you were born.  I can remember hearing your cry for the first time.  It was such a relief to know that you were healthy and brought into the world safely. Daddy was one "proud papa" when he held you for the first time. The love and pride we have for you has grown over the past year. 
Your birth date is a bit symbolic, as it is the day after 9.11.  This was a horrible day for our country back in 2001, but September 12 meant that everything will be ok, the sun did rise, and bright futures were ahead.  You're actually turning one years old the day after the 10th anniversery of 9.11.  You are our sunshine, the light to our bright future as a family, and a great source of happiness! 
Tillman Alexander, know that you are loved by many and bring joy to our hearts.
Momma and Daddy

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day: Family Vaca to Cherry Grove

Check out Tillman's dirty face and clothes!
Cousin Colin teaching him how to play in the sand.
Last week we headed to Cherry Grove (North Myrtle Beach...near NC / SC state line) for a long weekend. Tillman slept the whole way to Myrtle Beach, which made for a wonderful car ride for all.  Once we arrived at the beach house, we were all well rested and ready to "play!" Shortly after arriving we hit the pool for a swim and went for a walk on the beach.  Tillman enjoyed the beach.

Tuckered out!
We took him on a early morning beach stroller ride, and that sent him right to sleep.  He took at least an hour nap.  He really enjoyed the sand.  Tillman was curious and tasted the sand, but once that was over, he really didn't eat the sand...just enjoyed playing in it, and of course LOVED splashing in the buckets of water that were brought up to build sand castles or really drip castles...CiCi's favorite.  Drip castles (for those unfamiliar) are when you get wet sand and drip it to form a drippy structure.  Not much effort and super easy!

 We also had extended family pictures taken (all 12 of us on my side of the family). We wore white tops and jeans (adults).  The boys wore white tops and plaid shorts.  The photographer had all sorts of props for the kids, so I think these photos will be really great.  We're all anxious to see how they turned out.  They were taken on Saturday at 6PM, and most of the men were over it by 6:50 since the Carolina game was coming on at 7PM.
At half time, we celebrated all the September birthdays.  In my family there are 3 birthdays that are during the Labor Day weekend, and then Tillman and my brother-in-law are later in the month.  We had Blue Bell ice cream and birthday cake.  All the birthday boys had a seat at the table with their gifts. 

Tillman's bed time is 7, so he missed all the festivities.  We're getting geared up for this Saturday to celebrate Tillman's first birthday!  On Monday, Tillman will be 1 year old...where has the time gone?