Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tillman discovering RITZ crackers

This is the first thing I have found that Tillman will feed himself.  He knows how to feed himself, but he'd rather be, we found out last night!

In second 4 of the video, you'll hear a noise...that is Tillman grinding his teeth!  He's still not sure about those white things.

Do you know what a RITZ cracker is at our house when it hits the floor? 
A GRAHAM cracker! (we love puppy, Graham, and he loves that Tillman is eating food!)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

10 months 7.12.11

10 months? No way Jose.
Tillman hitting double digits doesn't even seem possible.  Nick and I spoke about how quick time is flying by.  We've always heard it goes by so fast, and now we are experiencing it for ourselves.
Tillman has had another active month.  He now has 5 teeth (three upper and two bottom).  I don't think he is too sure about those white things in his mouth yet.  He has been grinding his teeth.  I guess he is testing the durability of them.

Top Teeth
He has also turned into a speed crawler. You can hear him coming from a mile away. He really slaps his hands on the floor. It is really cute to see his little bottom go!

Tillman has always enjoyed standing. He is now maneuvering himself by holding onto furniture (around coffee tables, ottoman, etc). He has been seen standing unassisted for a few seconds. I think his diapers has been the needed cushion for the falls. When he wants to get seated from standing, he just unlocks his knees and plops down.
Tillman and Ainsley
Tiny T has a few new tricks up his sleeve at 10 months.  He can wave bye bye and clap.  He does get shy about waves sometimes or will do it after someone leaves.  Tillman is quit the mimicker.  Just this weekend.  Graham was at his bowls "chowing down" on his food.  Tillman crawled about 3 feet from Graham, and started smacking his lips and chewing just like Graham was doing.  It was the funniest thing.  Those are the times you wish the video camera was rolling!

On the go!
Over the July 4th weekend, we headed to KY to visit Nick's sister's family.  This was our first time visiting as a family.  Tillman got to go on his first boat ride and play with his cousins.  Tillman did real well on the car ride.  We were very glad he slept for most of the ride.  He was introduced to a pacy!  This was a wonderful thing for the ride as well as while we were in KY.  I think it just help sooth him during all the driving and "hussel and bussel."  On the way to KY, we stopped at a McDonald's with a playground.  We thought it would be fun for him to get some energy out.  Little did we know, he actually enjoyed playing in the car more than the play ground.  For all other stops along the way, we just took him out of his seat and let him bounce around in the car (easy enough...and MUCH cleaner). On the way back to SC, Tillman got into a little mischief.  He was fed up with the car ride, and was being cantankerous.  He refused to eat, and let me know by flinging the spoon full of food all over the car! 
Tillman with his cousins, Mason & Parker
4th of July
Tillman's Stats
Weight-Haven't weighed him this month, but we think he is around 19lbs. He is still very slim through his trunk, but his cute little legs are as chuncky as they can be!
Diaper Size-3 (Little Movers)
Clothing Size-6-9 months (starting to pull out 12 months)
Shoe Size- 1 (Not wearing shoes or socks)
Food-Momma milk and three meals a day-2 vegetables and 1 fruit or yogurt.  Cereal or oatmeal have been added to each meal.  He also got his first try at Gerber puffs to learn how to chew.
Sleeping-through the night in his crib
Teeth-two bottom and three top (two of his incisors came in and one front tooth is 1/2 way out)
Naps-usually only 30 minutes twice a day, but since his crib was moved away from the microwave at school, he is now sleep for an hour at a time.  Weekend naps are around 2 hours.
Sounds-DaDa, BaBa, Bye Bye, and MaMa. He does know his momma and dada.  He looks at us and when saying them.  He also know bye bye.  When I tell someone bye on my cell phone, he is quiet the parrot and says it as well.  He also "clucks" (snapping noise with his tongue) and smacks!
Play-pulling up, tickling/giggling, walking around furniture holding on, crawling on knees, giggling at people to get attention, and mimicking
Things we're working on- finger foods, sippy cup, holding his bottle
Things mommy's working on-baby proofing the house (cabinets are next)