Monday, March 31, 2014

Tillman's Teeth Trauma & Drama

I would like to request that all footy pajamas and those puffy socks with treads be band from store shelves! They are nothing but trouble when it comes to stairs; oh, and trying to walk for that matter! 
On Saturday, Tillman was climbing the steps, when all of sudden, I heard a thump and horrifying screams.  I rounded the corner, and all I see is a mouth full of blood. Tillman had hit his chin and bottom teeth on the edit of the steps. 
Mouths certainly do bleed....and for a long time too!  As soon as we got the blood under control, I checked out his teeth. 3 of the bottom teeth were loose.  I called Nick to come home, as he was getting ready to start his bike race.  One that he had been training for.  I hated to call, but life happens.  I also called the dentist office.  The dentist was super nice, and after asking a few questions, he thought it was best that Tillman be seen.  We were seen within an hour to get x-rays and an exam.
Getting Tillman out of the house and calmed down took about 1.5 hours after the incident happened. He was pretty shook-up to see all the blood, he was hurting, and I'm sure he feed off my reaction as well.  As you can tell by the picture above, he walked around with his chin out and would not swallow any spit, so he was drooling everywhere...we had to put a stop to that!
In the back ground of this happening, Caroline was having a "hay day" with spurts of crying in reaction to Tillman. She was in the pantry dumping out a full box of cereal and terrorizing the place in general!

Tillman was not a fan of the dentist when he went for a check up a few months back, so we were not sure how this visit would go since he refused to have xrays the last time. Dr Galloway was wonderful. He offered for Tillman to sit on daddy's lap for the whole thing. That set the tone for a wonderful visit. Dr. Galloway said that Tillman's teeth looked ok on the xray. No cracks were visible. He did say that we will have to keep an eye on them, as they could fall out and not reset themselves. If that is the case, then Tillman will be without his front, bottom teeth until the permanent one come in. He is to be on Advil every 6 hours for swelling and pain, and he is also on a soft diet for 2 weeks.  I'm pretty worried about the teeth. I hope they reset themselves, but if they don't we will adjust.
Last night, I asked Tillman if I could check his teeth and touch them like the doctor did.  He said "the doctor didn't touch my teeth." I said "yes, he did."  He said "no he didn't!  mommy, the doctor's mirror touched my teeth!"  He's a sassy thing...needless to say, I didn't get to check his teeth!


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